Nebraska State Senator Puts Forward Bill to To Make Bringing Kids to Drag Shows a Misdemeanor 

Republican State Senator Dave Murman of Nebraska put forward a bill January 12, 2023 on that would penalize adults who knowingly bring children to drag shows with a misdemeanor. 

LB 371 prevents any individual under the age of 19 from attending a drag show and any individual under 21 from attending if there is alcohol being served at the event. In addition, businesses and non-profit organizations that hold drag shows could be subjected to misdemeanor charges if children are allowed to attend on top of fines of $10,000 for each violation of this law. 

Democratic State Senator Megan Hunt filed a motion to postpone this bill for an indefinite period of time. 

Recently, the Right has placed the legislative microscope on drag shows for their explicit sexual content that’s directed to children. 

Sarah Weaver of The Daily Caller noted how elected officials like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has stood out for his opposition to drag shows: 

“The administration of Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis recently sent a warning letter to a venue which had scheduled drag show put on by a group that had hosted “explicit” shows for children in the state before. The letter warned the venue that it could lose its license to operate if they allowed children at their upcoming event. When reports then showed minors present at the show, the DeSantis admin told the Daily Caller they were “actively investigating this matter.”

Regardless of what one thinks about Ron DeSantis, Republicans should still look at his political body of work to see how they must deal with the cultural Left. The time for persuasion is over. Now, there needs to be hard legislation passed in order to punish the Left and rein in their influence. 

Anything short of that is giving them too much space to operate in.

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