Needles Becomes the First Gun Rights Sanctuary in California

The city of Needles, California has become the first Second Amendment sanctuary city in the Golden State.

This is an unprecedented move in one of America’s most anti-gun states.

Needles is located in eastern San Bernardino County along the Arizona state line and is miles away from the Nevada border.

Unlike other parts of the state, gun rights are important to people living in this city in the Mojave Desert.

Mayor Jeff Williams recently sent a strong message to elected officials in Sacramento by approving this pro-Second Amendment resolution.

“The City Council wanted our community to know that we support their Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms,” the mayor declared in a statement June 15 after city council members unanimously passed the gun sanctuary resolution.

Williams added, “While we recognize that all lawful gun owners are responsible for ensuring they are compliant with state and federal gun laws, we also recognize that the State of California cannot adopt laws that impair the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment.”

This could be a pivotal moment in the current sheriff/county revolt taking place across the nation.

BLP has reported on how states as far as Colorado all the way to Rhode Island are nullifying unconstitutional gun control laws coming from state capitols.

This move could possibly lead to other rural counties in California revolting against their anti-gun overlords in Sacramento.

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