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Negative Nancy Pelosi’s National Emergency Warning is Wrong



House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave a stern warning to Republicans supporting President Trump’s move to declare a national emergency at the southern border.

Pelosi told reporters that a “Democratic president can declare emergencies, as well” and she added that “the precedent that the president is setting here is something that should be met with great unease and dismay by the Republicans.”

The House Speaker then pivoted the conversation to gun policy as she declared that the real national emergency in the United States is gun violence. Taking advantage of the one-year anniversary of the Parkland high school shooting, Pelosi added:

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“Let’s talk about today: The one-year anniversary of another manifestation of the epidemic of gun violence in America,” Pelosi said. “That’s a national emergency. Why don’t you declare that emergency, Mr. President? I wish you would. ”

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And then she dropped her veiled threat:

“But a Democratic president can do that.”

For a start, the equivalency between border security and gun policy is off base.

Border security is a legitimate function of any sovereign nation, whereas the use of a national emergency to ram gun control through is an egregious violation of constitutional rights like the right to bear arms. The fact that this is being entertained reveals the tyrannical endgame of many on the Left.

Nevertheless, concepts like gun rights remain valid whether they are written in a Constitution or not. Some political constitutions like the Venezuelan one grant the government extraordinary powers over civilian firearms ownership. Just because it is in writing does not make a violation of gun rights legitimate. After all, natural rights exist irrespective of documentation or legal procedures.

The same logic applies to sovereign nations. They have every right to accept or exclude whichever immigrants they see fit.

Yes, the U.S. immigration system needs a total overhaul that attracts immigrants based on merit, not the feel-good whims of multiculturalists. At the same time we must come to grips with harsh realities:

  1. The crisis at the border with drug and human trafficking is real and is quickly spilling over to the U.S.
  2. The U.S.’s bloated welfare state has become a magnet for an increasingly unruly class of immigrants that don’t assimilate and end up on public assistance.  Countries like Sweden already give us a sneak preview of what the toxic combination of open borders and a welfare state does to a country.

Sadly, the Swamp political class has not gotten the memo.

You see, both parties have had their hands in the open border cookie jar. Republicans included.

We can go back as far as the passage of the 1965 Immigration Act, the genesis of our broken immigration system, to understand this. Contrary to popular belief, a higher percentage of Republicans actually voted for this legislation. Approximately 85% of Republicans voted for this bill.

One needn’t look further at the Reagan amnesty of 1986 to understand how useless Republicans have been on immigration. This move to amnesty nearly 3 million illegal immigrants is what arguably turned California into a leftist ghetto. Republicans nationwide continue to be oblivious to this inconvenient truth.

Fast forward to 2016, when President Trump got elected, and we still see the same weak-kneed behavior. With solid majorities in both the House and Senate, Republicans did absolutely nothing to address immigration over the past two years.

Voters rightfully gave them the cold shoulder during the 2018 midterm elections, when Democrats took the House.

Trump was elected because voters were tired of the do-nothing political class that has ruled over us for the past few decades.

We’ve have now reached the point where President Trump has to declare a national emergency because of this inaction.

And Republicans like Marco Rubio, who complain about the unconstitutionality of Trump’s national emergency actions, have no room to talk.

Now all of the sudden DC politicians are constitutionalists? Let’s be real, Democrats and Republicans alike have not respected the Constitution since the Progressive Era came into effect during the 1910s.

Again, these discussions of Trump’s actions go beyond the Constitution. This goes back to the primordial concept of national sovereignty. No matter how we slice it. The U.S. will become an amorphous globalist cesspool should it maintain the open border/welfare state status quo.

The DC political class has no one to blame but itself during this entire border crisis. President Trump is morally in the right, constitutional objections notwithstanding.

His actions in face of the obstacles he’s confronted should be lauded.




Mara Elvira Salazar is No Friend of America First Nationalism

Republican leaders would be wise to ignore all of her political advice.



If there’s one Republican leader that young activists should never listen to, it’s Florida Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar. 

Salazar, who is a Cuban American, has been an outspoken advocate of loosening U.S. immigration laws. In fact, she even confronted known immigration hawk and key Trump adviser Stephen Miller at a Republican Study Committee weekly lunch on February 24, 2021. She specifically criticized Trump’s immigration message and demanded that the GOP be more inclusive in its outreach.

“I told him [Miller] that the GOP needs to attract the browns,” stated Salazar. “We, for the last 30 years since Ronald Reagan, have not sent the right message to the browns,” she continued. “Reagan was the last guy who gave a path to citizenship to 3 million people … 35 years ago. It’s time for us to do the same thing that Reagan did.”

Salazar doubled down on her pro-immigration message when she went on Larry Kudlow’s show on March 2 and declared that former President Donald Trump would have done better with Hispanics by advocating for looser immigration. Journalist Ryan Girdusky noted how some of Trump’s advisers were already pushing for amnesty lite policies:

Girdusky added that Salazar was rather unhinged in her criticism of Miller’s vision for the GOP:

Salazar made a lot of noise about the Hispanic vote, despite ignoring how Trump improved his Hispanic numbers between 2016 and his re-election bid in 2020 from 28% to 32%. And he did so without much Hispandering or campaigning on passing amnesty. 

The unsavory fact that the GOP consultant class and the likes of Salazar refuse to acknowledge is that the Black Lives Matter unrest alone likely pushed significant segments of the Hispanic population into the Democrats’ arms. BLM radicalism alienated Americans of all backgrounds., but Hispanics were not having any of this kind of ruckus. Even Hispanic Democrats, of all groups, largely supported strong military action during the riots.

In reality, Hispanic support for Trump is largely based on his bluster and political bluntness, which many minority groups find comfort in. 

However, Republicans like Salazar gets it all wrong by thinking that expanding immigration both legal and illegal is a key to the Republican Party success. The Republican Party will have to concede that they can make gains with Hispanics at the margins but they cannot expect to win the majority of the Hispanic vote due to Hispanics’ propensity to support many causes ranging from gun control to more government involvement in healthcare. Data from the Pew Research Center demonstrates these beliefs among Hispanics. Nevertheless, there are some avenues for outreach with this demographic  but they must be done right. 

The key for Republican success is the white working class voters, which played a crucial role in putting Trump over the top in the Midwest back in 2016. These voters are not the most reliable in terms of turnout, but they comprise a vast segment of the American electorate. Any candidate who can activate them could potentially build a hegemonic electoral coalition for years to come. The goal for a sane Republican campaign is to maximize turnout and support among the WWC. 

Such inroads with WWC voters are more important than meeting a diversity quota the likes of Salazar and naive Republican strategists would like the party to pursue. Any nationalist campaign worth its salt would be promoting the following: Infrastructure projects targeting the Midwest, the restriction of both illegal and legal immigration, and re-shoring programs to bring jobs back. 

On the other hand, following Salazar’s program is the way that the GOP will become irrelevant and alienate many WWC voters who are already on the fence with regards to the Republican Party. These voters are not going to gravitate towards Republicans just because of the “R” next to their name. They still must be catered to and pushing for amnesty is one way to turn working class voters off.

Under Salazar’s watch, the GOP will simply be going back to the politically correct ways of the Bush administration. To tap into the sleeping giants that is the WWC, Republican leaders should ignore everything Salazar has to say and get fully behind nationalist policies such as immigration restriction, infrastructure development, and re-shoring. 


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