NeoCon Bill Kristol Calls for Regime Change in China

Friday, Bill Kristol laid his cards on the table and called for regime change in China, the world’s most populous nation.

“Shouldn’t an important U.S. foreign policy goal of the next couple of decades be regime change in China?” he said on Twitter.

One of the motivating factors for President Donald J. Trump voting Republicans was to put an end to NeoConservative foreign policy, which has mandated for decades that America make the rest of the world “free,” or in the case of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, at least turn them over to radical terrorists. Though Trump has yet to exit the Middle East -which he should do immediately – he has not attempted to depose a foreign dictator for the simple fact that the country in question is not a constitutional republic like ours, or that the military industrial complex demands it.

Kristol, whose relevance ends when he logs out of Twitter, was roundly rejected by sane people who would prefer that their sons not die freeing the Chinese. But he stood his ground. In Kristol’s mind, America must deploy troops one way or another.

“A short thread on regime change Yesterday I asked “Shouldn’t an important U.S. foreign policy goal of the next couple of decades be regime change in China?” The question implies that I think the right answer is Yes. I gather there’s been a bit of a reaction to this suggestion,” he said.

“I’m glad to have stimulated some debate, and I hope some re-thinking. I’ll put my position simply. The case for regime change shouldn’t really be controversial. The U.S. at its best has always stood for the proposition that all people everywhere deserve to be free,” he continued.

And who is going to die to free these people? The sons and daughters of ordinary middle Americans. Not Kristol and his cosmopolitan elite friends. Not their family members. Not their friends Yours.

NeoCon foreign policy always kills everyone but NeoCons.

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