Neocon Hack John Bolton Praises Joe Biden’s Decision to Deploy Troops to Taiwan

Former United States national security advisor John Bolton praised President Joe Biden’s decision in late February to boost the US’s military presence in Taiwan. 

However, he called on the Biden regime to “do a lot more.”

“I think this is the right thing to do,” Bolton said during an interview on February 24, 2023.

Alluding to several anonymous US officials, the Wall Street Journal reported that day that the deployment of American troops to Taiwan is set to take place in the upcoming months

The US military deployment, which consists of special operations forces and Marines, will train Taiwanese military units on military maneuvers in addition to using American weapons systems, per the Journal report.

This deployment comes during a time of increased tensions between the US and the People’s Republic of China. China views Taiwan as sovereign territory and treats any US deployment of military assets there as a hostile act.

“I would homeport a couple of American naval vessels at Kaohsiung, Taiwan’s big harbor, and show the Chinese that we’re gonna be there training and assisting the Taiwanese against any possible Chinese attack,” declared Bolton. 

“The aim here is not to win a war that China starts; the aim here is to deter China from doing it,” he added. “And believe me, we can do a lot more to do that.”

Bolton also asserted that China is watching the Russo-Ukrainian conflict with great interest.

“I think that they clearly have their eye on Taiwan,” he proclaimed. “They’re watching what we’re doing in Ukraine to judge whether we really can defend, give the weapons for the Ukrainians to defend themselves adequately.”

“Their bet is if the United States can’t rally Europe to defend a European country attacked by Russia in this case, what are they going to do if the Chinese attacks Taiwan or islands in the East China Sea, islands in the South China Sea?” Bolton added. “And so, a lot of rides on this because the Chinese are trying to gauge, in particular, whether the Biden administration is really up to it.”

Ironically, per the “One China” policy, close to all countries worldwide recognize China’s sovereignty over Taiwan, which includes the US. In effect, the US has no formal diplomatic ties with Taiwan, which China treats as a rebellious province. 

The US has effectively changed its Taiwan policy by arming it to the teeth and fostering independence sentiment on the island in the last few decades. Such moves could potentially lead to a military clash between the two countries. 

If we want to avert a nuclear disaster, the US needs to rethink its Eurasian geopolitical strategy, retrench its foreign policy, and focus more on fostering positive relations in the Western Hemisphere.  


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