NeoCon Lincoln Project Fell for Iranian Election Interference Operation Debunked by FBI

The neocon organization Lincoln Project appears to have soundly fallen for an Iranian election interference operation revealed by the FBI on Wednesday night, having promoted a hoax that originated from a fraudulent email chain.

The FBI announced that a chain of emails that purported to intimidate Democrat voters into voting for Donald Trump in the November election originated from the Islamic Republic of Iran in what appears to be an election interference operation. The authors of the email chain, which crudely threatened Florida Democrats, identified themselves as members of the Proud Boys, a right-wing men’s fraternal organization that has become an object of hysterical accusations from progressives and establishment media.

The Lincoln Project tweeted about the hoax on Tuesday, assuring its followers that the email chain did originate from the Proud Boys even as many doubted the veracity of its source. Proud Boys leadership had announced almost immediately that there was no chance the clownish stunt would’ve been carried out by its members.

The elite Democrat-funded RINO organization, which primarily serves to enrich self-aggrandizing political consultants off the back of gullible liberal donors, immediately deleted its tweet on the matter after the FBI announced the Proud Boys email was an Iranian hoax, but the internet is forever.

Many corporate media organizations and establishment liberal journalists rushed to believe that the crude and amateurish email chain was truly from the Proud Boys, declining to question as to why the group would openly admit to an election felony in a mass email chain.

The entire “election interference” narrative is dubious at most, and foolish at worst. Russian and Iranian internet trolls are not influencing the votes of American citizens through Nigerian-prince style emails and poorly animated Facebook memes.

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