Neocon Lincoln Project Freaks Out After New York Times Calls Disgraced Group “Defunct”

The neoconservative Lincoln Project lashed out last week as the New York Times referred to the disgraced organization as “defunct,” less than thrilled to fall off of the political radar in an environment without daily liberal hysteria over Donald Trump tweets.

The group demanded a correction to an article regarding Never Trump Republicans’ differing opinions on the 2022 midterms.

A New York Times editor would go on to issue a correction to the article, with the Lincoln Project continuing to actively fundraise in pursuit of new vacation homes and “generational wealth” for its middle-aged professional political consultant operatives.

Once known for releasing viral videos playing to the partisan political influences of liberals who dislike Donald Trump, the group has since earned the ignominy of its founder’s practice of homosexual grooming of young men. John Weaver was forced out of the organization last year, with sources within the Lincoln Project indicating that Steve Schmidt, an establishment operative affiliated with the group, knew of Weaver’s penchant for illicit homosexualist conduct.

Studies on the impact of the Lincoln Project’s advertising indicate it did little to nothing to influence impressionable voters in the 2020 election, instead achieving fame with cosmopolitan cultural liberals and mainstream media journalists.

The staging of a Virginia hate hoax in October in which fake white nationalists were deployed in an attempt to tar Republican Glenn Youngkin is considered a nail in the coffin of the disgraced organization, which has taken to releasing videos targeting Ron DeSantis in recent months. Many liberals and RINO Republicans have even questioned the utility of the group, suggesting the Lincoln Project’s motives entail fundraising and self-enrichment.

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