NeoCon Max Boot Demands Tucker Carlson be Purged From Fox

Washington Post writer and pro-war advocate Max Boot wrote a column Tuesday calling for Tucker Carlson to be fired from Fox News, joining a choir of progressives trying to oust the ratings kingpin from the network over some raunchy jokes with a radio host ten years ago.

Boot’s call for Tucker’s purging may be influenced by some personal animosity, as the Tuck provided Boot with a verbal spanking he probably hasn’t forgotten in July of 2017. Carlson exposed Boot’s legacy of disastrous warmongering, and thoroughly broke down his sensational accusations likening anyone who challenged his political principles to Adolf Hitler. Watch the heated segment here:

It’s not an understatement to call Boot one of the most consistent and unapologetic advocates for more war and regime change operations in America. Boot formerly called himself a ‘conservative,’ but has been welcomed with open arms by the media elites puppeteering the progressive left as attitudes on the political right have turned sour against the neocons like Boot.

Carlson took the Soros-funded attempt to incite a rage mob against himself to task on Monday night, refusing to offer an inch of polite contrition and back down to hand-wringing over a few backroom jokes from 2009.

Boot’s endorsement of the calls for Tucker’s purging- which now appear to be flaming out after neither Fox nor Tucker refused to accept their dishonest premise- leave no doubt that the campaign to remove him is political, nothing more.

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