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Neocon Nikki Haley Gets Paid as Boeing Outsources Engineering Work Amidst Deadly Crashes

Haley joined the scandal-plagued defense contractor to cash out despite their aggressive outsourcing.



After leaving the Trump administration, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley joined the board of defense contractor Boeing to cash out based on her years of government work.

“It’s an honor to have the opportunity to contribute to Boeing’s continued success as a cutting edge industry leader and a great American company,” Haley said after she joined Boeing’s board of directors.

Haley was not reticent about joining a corporation that is currently embroiled in massive lawsuits following recent massive crashes of their 737 MAX airliners that resulted in hundreds of deaths.

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“We have learned that Boeing relied on a single sensor that had been previously flagged in over 200 incident reports submitted to the FAA (U.S. Federal Aviation Administration),” said attorney Nomaan Husain, who is representing Nadege Dubois-Seex in a $276 million lawsuit after her husband was killed when one of Boeing’s planes crashed.

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The shoddy work in the 737 MAX airliner may be due to the corporation’s outsourcing of crucial engineering work. It was recently revealed by Bloomberg News that Boeing paid their foreign engineers as little as $9-an-hour to develop software to develop the plane, from countries with little aerospace experience like India.

Indian software developer HCL Technologies Ltd. was tasked to design code for the plane, which former Boeing software engineer Mark Rabin says led to a sharp increase in errors for the purposes of penny-pinching.

“It was controversial because it was far less efficient than Boeing engineers just writing the code,” Rabin said. On many occasions Rubin noted that “it took many rounds going back and forth because the code was not done correctly.”

A summary posted by an HCL employee shows the types of problems that occurred when the 737 MAX airliner was being tested.

“Provided quick workaround to resolve production issue which resulted in not delaying flight test of 737-Max (delay in each flight test will cost very big amount for Boeing),” the HCL employee summarized.

Boeing refuses to take any culpability for its hiring practices, maintaining that there is nothing to worry about despite the mounting evidence to the contrary.

“Boeing has many decades of experience working with supplier/partners around the world,” a company spokesman said. “Our primary focus is on always ensuring that our products and services are safe, of the highest quality and comply with all applicable regulations.”

Embracing globalism is certainly paying off for Boeing, particularly their relationships cultivated in India. Boeing inked a $22 billion deal in January 2017 to supply SpiceJet Ltd with commercial aircraft including over 100 737-Max 8 jets.

Boeing’s ruthless profit-seeking unfortunately comes with a great human cost. An Ethiopian crash of a Boeing 737 MAX airliner resulted in the tragic deaths of all 157 passengers and crew in March. In Oct. 2018, 189 people were killed after a Lion Air 737 MAX crashed into the ocean near Indonesia under similar circumstances.

Boeing’s history of embracing globalism and questionable safety practices did not stop ‘Neocon’ Nikki Haley from joining their board. Haley, who is a favorite of the Never Trumpers, is happy to further her ambitions even if it comes at the expense of hundreds of crash victims who were essentially sacrificed to boost Boeing’s bottom line.

Big League Economics

FLASHBACK: Before the COVID-19 Scamdemic, China and Wall Street Bankers Pined for ‘Cashless Society’

This is no conspiracy theory.



Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, a peculiar war on cash has emerged, including news of a coin shortage that never quite made sense, which has some individuals thinking that the crisis is being exploited to usher in the “cashless society.”

The fake news media on cue has jumped into action to call anyone who expresses this notion a “conspiracy theorist.”

“Coins aren’t being circulated because businesses are closed and sales are down during the pandemic. And the government isn’t pushing the U.S. into a cashless society, either,” the Associated Press declared.

“We rate the claim that a “cashless” society would have zero cash, meaning money would be fully digital, fully traceable and fully controlled PARTLY FALSE as some of the claim was not supported by our research,” the USA Today wrote in their supposed fact check about the cashless society.

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However, before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Wall Street banking elites openly bragged about how they pined for a cashless society.

“We want a cashless society,” said Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan last year at Fortune’s Brainstorm Finance conference, explaining that the financial system is “already digitized” and the cashless society is right around the corner.

“The business has moved digitally and it will continue to move that way. It’s just figuring out how to add the value,” he added.

JP Morgan also released a white paper celebrating how Europe is rapidly going cashless, calling the trend a natural progression from paper-based monetary units.

“PayPal and Apple’s publicly reported growth rates suggest that both could potentially be gaining consumer preference and merchant adoption. Digital Wallets directly address consumer security and help push toward a true cashless society,” said Brian Gaynor, Executive Director, Head of Product and Strategy Solutions at J.P. Morgan Merchant Services in Europe.

“For example, PayPal holds my card data centrally and keeps me from having to trust multiple e-commerce sites or apps with my full primary account number. Apple Pay does the same,” he added.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the red menace is leading the way toward a cashless society. China has led the way on smart cities, social credit scores, weaponizing search engines to be tracking devices, and various devious technological innovations meant to crush the spirit of its citizenry.

China’s aggressive moves toward cashlessness are already causing problems for tourists and native citizens alike with society punishing those who resist the transition, as the Wall Street Journal has explained:

Travelers have had more luck on Alipay, which introduced a seven-step process last week that requires visitors to submit passport and visa information to Alipay, before loading money using an overseas card onto a prepaid card.

In a bathroom near the Great Wall recently, Catherine De Witte, a Belgian marketing consultant, was getting frustrated. She waved her hands in front of a high-tech toilet-paper dispenser, jammed her fingers into the slot and finally pounded on the machine. She wasn’t amused when she saw the QR code.

“You really need the restroom, and the restroom only gives you toilet paper if you can do something strange with your phone,” she fumed.

Once the cashless society is achieved, the ubiquitous tracking of every commercial transaction will become possible. The mark-of-the-beast microchips may not even be necessary at that point to achieve total centralized control. This is why China, globalist banking interests and the Washington D.C. swamp are pushing this notion, and the COVID-19 pandemic is the crisis they are using to accelerate this sinister agenda against economic freedom.

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