Neocon Nikki Haley is the Great Female Hope of the Never Trumpers

Nikki Haley, the neoconservative former South Carolina Governor and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, is emerging as the favorite for ‘Never Trumpers’ to regain control of the GOP in the post-Trump era.

Kathleen Parker, the faux-conservative Washington Post columnist who claims global warming is the Earth’s most pressing issue, wrote a gushing op/ed last week touting Haley as the woman who should be the first female President.

“Conventional wisdom in my inner circle of sorcerers and sources has been that the first female president will be a Republican,” Parker wrote. “This is because America is still mostly a center-right country, and voters would feel more comfortable with a conservative-leaning woman. So goes the thinking.”

After she left the Trump administration as ambassador to the U.N., infamous neocon turned liberal operative Bill Kristol was eager to meet with Haley to coax her into running against Trump in 2020.

“When she leaves the administration I’d be happy to buy her lunch and see what’s happening with Trump, the economy, [special counsel] Bob Mueller,” and about a potential run in 2020, Kristol said. “I’ll hope to speak with her as well as many other people.”

He added: “What we are doing is laying the groundwork and showing there’s a path and helping create that path for anyone who chooses to run. That decision is obviously up to them.”

Max Boot of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations, another neocon and top Never Trumper, talked lovingly of Haley after her departure from the Trump administration as well.

“I’m going back to a picture that flashed all over the world in 2016, right before the South Carolina primary. A photo of Nikki Haley, Indian-American woman, Senator Tim Scott, African- American, and Senator Marco Rubio, Latino-American. And this was at a point when Nikki Haley had endorsed Marco Rubio and said Donald Trump was basically unfit to be president,” Boot said, waxing poetic about the good ol’ days when Republicans lost with honor to the Democrats.

“Nikki Haley, I think, has… pulled off the unlikely feat of maintaining her own reputation for integrity and independence without alienating Trump in the way other office holders, like Rex Tillerson had done. My hat’s off to her, and we’ll have to see what the future brings for her,” Boot added.

Ben Shapiro, the Iraq War cheerleader who declared he would never vote for Trump in 2016, gushed over Nikki Haley after she left the Trump administration.

Shapiro called her “his spirit animal” and that he needed a “break to go cry in the corner and just rock myself and eat ice cream” because of her departure.

“All I can say is that I’m stuck in a glass cage of emotion, a glass cage of emotion. I’m so sad right now. The sadness overwhelms me at times,” Shapiro said.

“Now Nikki Haley was indeed a bad ass in her job as the UN ambassador. She basically spent every day going and yelling at despots, which was— And she was great at it,” he added.

On May 5, Shapiro interviewed Haley as they attempt to build her up to hijack Trump’s populist movement and return to the Bush-era days.

While it is not likely that Haley will oppose Trump in 2020, Haley is arguably the most dangerous usurper to Trump’s throne in 2024. This neocon, who joined the liberal-backed crusade to erase southern heritage as South Carolina Governor, is the clear favorite of the down-but-never-out Never Trumpers.

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