Neocon Talk Radio Host Mark Levin Promotes War Propaganda, Slams Nationalism and Populism in CPAC Speech

Neoconservative talk radio host Mark Levin promoted war propaganda about the Russia/Ukraine conflict while slamming populism and nationalism during his speech at Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Saturday afternoon.

“You want a World War? Then become an ostrich, put your head in the sand, and let the Russians roll through one country after another,” Levin said, claiming Russian President Vladimir Putin is a “genocidal maniac” and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy “will be remembered for 1000 years” for his supposed heroism.

Levin was a massive proponent of the Iraq War, which President Trump called the worst decision in U.S. history. He demands similar belligerence to be used in dealing with the conflict in Russia and Ukraine.

“I am well aware that Russia has nuclear weapons, by my calculations, they’ve had nuclear weapons for half a century… The idea that if somebody has nuclear weapons they can do whatever they want, then we’re in trouble,” Levin said, claiming without providing any evidence that “Biden is basically giving nuclear weapons to the Iranians.”

“They need to fear us. They need to respect us. We shouldn’t have a flat military budget when enemies are rising all around us.” he added, wanting to give the woke military even more money to spy on American patriots.

Even though Levin called for an explosion of the national defense budget, he simultaneously argued for support of “limited government” to repel the evils of populism and nationalism.

“CPAC, it’s called the Conservative Political Action Committee…Not populist political action committee, not nationalist political action committee,” he said.

“This nation was founded on Judeo-Christian principles… This isn’t about populism. Populism is progressivism. Progressivism is American Marxism,” Levin added.

Levin used his bully pulpit to rehash the dying ideology of neoconservatism, pushed by the likes of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, to an audience of ‘America First’ Trump supporters.

“It’s very important not to be pulled into this propaganda. Why aren’t we nationalists, we love America? We love America because it’s America, not because we’re nationalists. I mean, the Russians are nationalists. The Chinese are nationalists,” he said.

“We move more and more toward mobocracy (populism) and autocracy (nationalism) on the other side,” Levin added.

He closed by giving some tired talking points aimed at boomers in opposition to socialism.

“They want to make it impossible for this nation to flourish. This is a marxist movement, just like the attack on the family is a marxist movement,” Levin said.

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