Neocon Witch Victoria Nuland Says US Backs Ukrainian Attacks on Crimea 

Victoria Nuland, the undersecretary of state for political affairs, said earlier this month that the United States is “supporting” Ukrainian attacks on Crimea and declared that Russian military facilities on the peninsula are “legitimate targets.”

Nuland made those remarks when she was questioned about a report published by The New York Times in January that said the Biden regime was “warming” to the idea of helping Ukraine attack Russian sovereign territory despite the threat of increased tensions.

“Russia has turned Crimea into a massive military installation … those are legitimate targets, Ukraine is hitting them, and we are supporting that,” Nuland told the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a think tank based in Washington DC.

Nuland also manifested support for the “demilitarization” of Crimea. “No matter what the Ukrainians decide about Crimea in terms of where they choose to fight, etcetera, Ukraine is not going to be safe unless Crimea is at a minimum — at a minimum — demilitarized,” she proclaimed. 

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova criticized Nuland’s remarks, declaring that she was beating the drums for a prolonged and devastating war. “Now the American warmongers have gone even further: they are inciting the Kiev regime to further escalate, to bring the war to the territory of our country. Just like that, with direct strikes,” Zakharova stated.

Ironically, Nuland’s comments came a day following Secretary of State Antony Blinken conceding that a Ukrainian attempt at taking back Crimea would be a “red line” for Russia and would prompt a firm military response from Russia. The US’s potential backing of a Ukrainian offensive against Crimea could lead to a direct conflict between NATO and Russia.

Dave DeCamp of noted how Russia has already treated limited strikes by Ukraine against Crimea: 

Putin has shown that he will significantly escalate the war over attacks on Crimea. Russia did not start large-scale missile strikes on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure until after the truck bombing of the Kerch Bridge, which connects Crimea to the Russian mainland.

Crimea joined the Russian Federation in 2014 following the Euromaidan Revolution, of which Nuland played a major role in, that saw the Ukrainian government of Viktor Yanukovych get overthrown in a coup. The US and Ukraine do not recognize Crimea as sovereign Russian territory, whereas the residents of the peninsula appear to be content with the move to joining Russia. 

The US is playing with fire here. After conducting military operations against backwaters such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Yugoslavia, US policymakers have grown delusional in their geopolitical strategy. Russia is a nuclear power with escalatory dominance in this geopolitical theater. So any efforts by the US to try to escalate tensions here could result in a nuclear apocalypse of catastrophic proportions. 

Only foreign policy restraint can save the world from such a scenario.

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