Neoliberal David Brooks: ‘I Support the Idea’ of Biden’s SCOTUS Pledge

On PBS, New York Times writer and phony Republican, David Brooks said that while he agrees with the idea of President Joe Biden’s pledge to nominate a Black woman to the Supreme Court to replace Justice Stephen Breyer, “I’m a little uncomfortable with the way Joe Biden used that pledge during the campaign,.” 

David Brooks went on to tell PBS,” I want the court, like every institution in American life, to look like America. We’ve known how — we’ve learned and I think all known how important it is to have people from different backgrounds. Because you’re — we’re not just machines who think. We come from a certain background. We’re formed by certain values and experiences. So, it’s important to have that diversity.” In other words a judge should not be the most legally qualified but like Biden, this phony conservative wants a judge’s skin color to be factored in.

He did qualify his statement a little bit saying “Nonetheless, I confess I’m a little uncomfortable at fronting that identity, putting that identity up front.” In other words its a matter of semantics. Rather then supporting the most qualified judge race should play a key factor according to Brooks.

Brooks has a long history of being on the wrong side of issues. Recently he declared in The Atlantic, “But the disconcerting reality is that America’s rarified NatCon World is just one piece of a larger illiberal populist revolt that is strong and rising.” In other words Brooks views the rise of conservative populism as a negative phenomenon. Thus he is clearly out of touch with the base.

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