Netanyahu’s Likud Wins Come-From-Behind Election Victory in Israel

Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party has won the third of its election victories in recent memory, eeking out a come-from-behind victory over Benny Gantz’s Blue and White Party.

Israel has a parliamentary system that allows multiple successive elections at the whim of its unicameral legislature, the Knesset. The victory of Netanyahu’s Party is its third in less than a year.

In a victory speech, Netanyahu touted his nation’s strong relationship with foreign leaders, such as Donald Trump. He also discussed an improvement in relations Israel has had with surrounding Islamic countries, a development brought about by regional opposition to Shia Iran.

The succession of elections in Israel had been enabled by ongoing legal proceedings against Netanyahu on corruption allegations. The constant atmosphere of political campaigning in the Middle Eastern country has proved enough to alienate some of the nation’s citizens from its unconventional and unstable parliamentary system.

It had been thought the third election in less than a year would finally result in Netanyahu’s retirement, with the longtime Prime Minister having served in office since 2009. Polling had showed Likud trailing Blue and White- a center-left party- almost throughout the entirety of the campaign season, only overtaking Benny Gantz’s party days before the election.

It’s probable that Netanyahu’s opposition will accept the longtime Prime Minister of the country isn’t going to be retired through snap elections, but if Likud is unable to form a governing coalition, the country’s system would enact a seemingly innumerable fourth election in just over a year.

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