NETFLIX and KILL: Dispatch Supervisor Watching Netflix on the Job Sends Police 30 Minutes Late

According to an internal report from the Coral Springs Police Department in Florida, officers arrived over 30 minutes late to a shooting on June 9, 2019 because a 911 call center supervisor was busy watching Netflix on the job.

CBS Miami, reports that supervisor Julie Vidaud was apparently “logged on to Netflix” while a number of calls on a shooting came in. One call was mislabeled and the other received a delayed response.

According to the internal report, police finally arrived 34 minutes after the first call had been made.

The report highlighted that “the movie ‘I Am Mother’ played for 1 hour 53 minutes at Vidaud’s workstation while the incident in question was occurring.” Vidaud asserted that she was “working on performance evaluations” during the time the calls were mishandled. Investigators came to the conclusion, “The evidence conclusively shows that Vidaud spends an inordinate amount of time conducting personal business on the computer to include playing streaming TV and movies.”

Florida has traditionally been a state with solid gun laws that allow for people to defend themselves from criminal threats.

Law enforcement play an important role in battling crime, but they have their limits. Like other government agencies, police departments and 911 call centers can have their own set of managerial problems which prevent them from responding adequately in times of need.

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