Netflix Jeffrey Epstein Documentary Trailer Shows Donald Trump, But Not Bill Clinton

An upcoming Jeffrey Epstein documentary to be aired on Netflix appears to diminish the infamous billionaire sex criminal’s association with former President Bill Clinton, while featuring a photograph of Epstein with Donald Trump.

The trailer for Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich contains a photo of Epstein and Trump at 1:43. The two men had known each other for a period of time that Trump describes ending in the early 2000’s, after which Trump banned the pedophile billionaire from his Mar-a-lago resort.

Coverage of Epstein’s relationship with President Trump is fair enough, but the Netflix trailer contains no reference to the longstanding friendship between Epstein and former President Bill Clinton. Epstein had known Clinton well enough to visit the White House four times during his presidency, and most controversially hosted the former President on his private plane which was used to the trafficking of underage girls to Epstein’s Little St. James island for sexual abuse.

Clinton’s relationship with Epstein is far lengthier and deep than the connections that Donald Trump has to the disgraced pedophile billionaire. There aren’t any photos of Clinton and Epstein together, but there are photos of Clinton boarding Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ private plane, and smiling alongside Ghislane Maxwell, Epstein’s madame who many of his trafficking victims point to as an accomplice in his criminal activities.

The documentary might prove insightful, and may reveal new deposition footage of Epstein never before available to the public. But if it’s going to merely gloss over the controversial deceased sex criminal’s connections to Bill Clinton it’s going to be hard to view it as anything more than politically tainted, and the latest of Netflix’s slanted left-wing documentaries.


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