Netflix Won’t Say How Much Obamas Are Getting Paid For Deal

Patriotic conservative Americans have even more reason now to boycott Netflix.

Barack and Michelle Obama have officially signed their buzzed-about contract to develop shows for Netflix, which turns the content provider into a propaganda machine for the progressive cause.

Obama, of course, is ensnared in the spying scandal, having played an integral role in the plot to set up President Donald Trump for phony Russia collusion, according to many insiders.

The Obamas have a separate book deal with Penguin worth $65 million, so they are perfectly capable of affording some dossiers on their political opponents if they ever need to make some.

Here’s what happened when people found out Obama was in advance talks with Netflix, which now counts former UN ambassador Susan Rice as a board member even though she lied about the cause of the Benghazi attack, blaming it on a YouTube video (which we guess counts as production experience?)

Big League Politics reported:

Last week, Big League Politics exposed how former President Barack Obama is in advance negotiations with video streaming service Netflix to have his own show. In response, Trump supporters across the country began boycotting Netflix by canceling their memberships.
Just days into the boycott Netflix is already feeling the heat. Their stock has been steadily lowering in price since the boycott began. Just today the stock has dropped nearly 3% in value. As of press time, it’s down &9.35.

Since Christmas, the stock has been steadily climbing, leading to investment publications to praise the company, stating that their stock is “on fire.” On Christmas day, the Netflix stock was priced at $191, and just last week it topped off at $331.

That was just before it came out that Barack Obama was in talks with Netflix to have a show for himself, and another for his wife, Michelle. After that announcement, the stock took a hit, seeing its first major dip in price since the beginning of February, where they quickly recovered.

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