Nevada U.S. Congressional Candidate Noah Malgeri Explains How America Became an ‘Occupied Nation’ After Jan. 6

Nevada Congressional candidate Noah Malgeri appeared on Big League Politics Live to explain the situation on Jan. 6 and how the rally was exploited by globalists to turn the U.S. into an “occupied nation” under the Biden regime.

“The Capitol police force basically served as tour guides and invited a bunch of older, great aunts and uncles, grandparents, who were in Washington to, as far as they were concerned, protest the election steal, which actually had occurred and it is totally within their rights to do that,” Malgeri said, explaining the scene on Jan. 6.

“The persecution of your political adversaries is a hallmark of marxist, totalitarian, authoritarian regimes. They’ve already implemented it, along with censorship and medical control, medical tyranny. They’ve already implemented these elements of totalitarian, authoritarian regimes,” he added.

Malgeri said there is no limit to the treachery that Democrats can get away with, while Republicans are regularly persecuted for exercising or defending their rights. This is the true systemic injustice that is facing America, and most Republican legislators and candidates are too cowed to even speak up against it.

“We have a lawless regime… What we are seeing now is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I’ve never seen anything like this. I fought for my country overseas in Iraq and now I have to come fight for it over here,” he said.

“D.C. is occupied territory… Our adversary is our own government. The sovereignty of the nation resides in the people. Well, we’re an occupied nation,” Malgeri added.

He explained that time is of the essence because the globalists have sacked the U.S. with their “coup” against the American people, which culminated in the brazen vote steal perpetrated during the 2020 presidential election.

“We need to start fighting for our freedom, for our country, today! Everything is politicized. Everything that they say is a lie. We’re in the midst of a civil cold war. We are in the midst of a coup,” Malgeri said.

“This is like Christmas times a million forever for the Chinese. The Chinese Communist Party is the most successful intelligence operation in the entire world that has ever existed. They successfully launched and successfully implemented and executed a coup against the greatest superpower the world has ever seen without firing a shot, okay, that’s what’s happening. We’re living it,” he continued.

“Folks, anybody who doesn’t understand that has no business running for office today because the stakes are too high and the issues are too important… They need to get out of the way,” Malgeri added.

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