‘Never Trump’ Group with Ties to Soros Runs Ads Urging GOP Senators to ‘Let Bolton Testify’ in Trump Senate Trial

A Soros-funded Never Trump group, the Republicans for the Rule of Law, is agitating aggressively on behalf of the Democrats’ impeachment efforts in the Senate.

They are running an advertisement campaign on “Fox & Friends” and “Lou Dobbs Tonight” to urge a Republican audience to push their Senators to support bringing up witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial. For some strange reason, the Fox News and Fox Business channels are allowing the ads to run on their networks.

The ads focus around getting former national security advisor John Bolton to testify. Bolton, a neoconservative war hawk who was trashed by President Trump following his unceremonious departure from the administration, has publicly stated his willingness to testify in the Senate trial.

“Now, John Bolton, a witness with first-hand information, has agreed to testify in the Senate trial,” the narrator of the ad says. “Senate Republicans, Americans deserve the truth. Let Bolton testify.”

Another ad focuses on Bolton’s knowledge of the Ukraine situation that was used to fuel the impeachment witch hunt. Ukraine-gate emerged shortly after Bolton left the administration on bad terms, and that may not be a coincidence. Bolton has been rumored to be the man who initially tipped off the deep state about Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The group will also be deploying a billboard campaign across the country in different state capitals. The billboards will read: “What is Trump Hiding?”

The video ads can be seen here:

The Republicans for the Rule of Law group has been heavily papered over with Democrat oligarch money. The organization is run by “Never Trump” operatives who wanted Hillary Clinton to defeat Donald Trump in 2016.

Neocon Bill Kristol, the globalist neocon architect of the Iraq War, founded the group with backing from progressive billionaire Pierre Omidyar. Omidyar’s non-profit Democracy Fund has given at least $600,000 to Defending Democracy Together. Republicans for the Rule of Law is listed as a “a 501(c)(4) nonprofit and a project of Defending Democracy Together” on their own website.

Omidyar has donated millions to organizations in the George Soros network such as the Open Society Foundations and the Tides Foundation. This shows that Kristol’s group has ties to the Soros network and is effectively doing his bidding in the war to destroy Trump’s presidency.

The globalist neocons and the far-left progressives have formed an unholy “Never Trump” alliance, and they are all in on this Senate trial to overturn the 2016 presidential election.

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