Never Trump RINO Gets Exposed for Being an America Last Hack in Political AD

Free Forever PAC recently released an ad attacking Roger Marshall, the Kansas congressman currently running for Kansas’ Senate seat.

In the ad, Marshall was caught saying “I’m not sure a wall is the best way to do it.”

Additionally, he had a speech where he said, “I supported John Kasich from day one.”

Marshall is referring to the former Ohio Governor who is known for his milquetoast positions and Never Trump views.

According to its website, Free Forever PAC “promotes and advances candidates for public office who believe in our mission to keep America safe, sovereign, and free.”

The mission “is to elect candidates who will fight to secure our border, create an America First immigration policy, take care of our veterans, ends endless wars, and build an economy that works for American workers.”

In this Senate race, Kris Kobach is the only option for America First patriots. His track record on immigration while he was the Kansas Secretary of State speaks for itself. He was instrumental in implementing some of the strongest voter ID policies in the country.

In the Republican primary for the Senate, Kobach is undoubtedly the best candidate for nationalists.

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