Never Trumper Chairman of South Carolina College Republicans Resigns After BLP’s Reporting

Conservative activist Gavin Wax confirmed that Will Galloway, the Never Trumper chairman of the South Carolina Federation of College Republicans, resigned his position on Sunday.

Big League Politics had earlier reported on the efforts of conservative South Carolina College Republican activists to impeach Galloway as Chairman. Galloway brought disrepute upon the organization when he appeared in a Lincoln Project-affiliated Never Trump video, condemning the President at the demands of Democrats.

Wax, who is the President of the New York Young Republican Club, hailed Galloway’s resignation as necessary to serve the interests of the conservative activists he is nominally obligated to serve.

The resignation of Will Galloway shows that the conservative grassroots of the Republican party is still robust and will not stand for out of touch social climbers using their positions and titles to advance an America last agenda,” said Wax of the development.

The CRNC board should take note and clean their own ranks of anti-Trump Lincoln Project cronies who grift off the grassroots.” Big League Politics has previously reported on the prevalence of elitist liberals within the College Republican National Committee, who possess a cold to lukewarm attitude to President Donald Trump, his supporters, and the MAGA platform.

University of South Carolina conservative activist Emma Scott is replacing Galloway as the chair of the organization.

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