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Never Trumper Mitt Romney Rules Out Trump Impeachment



According to USA Today, Utah Senator Mitt Romney is not ready to endorse President Donald Trump’s bid for re-election.

On Sunday at CNN’s “State of the Union”, Romney declared that it’s “way too early” for him to back Trump in 2020, stating that Trump has to improve “when it comes to helping shape the character of the country.”

According to polls, Trump is poised to crush former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld in a potential primary for the Republican nomination. In the case that Trump wins the nomination, Romney may vote for his wife, Ann Romney, just like he did in 2016.

Romney stated, “We will have to wait and see how she does.”

During the 2016 campaign, Romney was one of the strongest Never Trumpers. The former Massachusetts Governor even called Trump a “phony” and a “fraud.” Romney has maintained his criticism of Trump since he assumed the presidency.

In a Washington Post op-ed, Romney asserted that “the president has not risen to the mantle of the office.” Trump pushed back and asked Romney to be a “team player”, while also taunting him about his failed Presidential campaign against then President Barack Obama in 2012. Trump declared that Romney could have defeated Obama if he had “fought the way he fights me.”

Romney said, “I think young people, as well as people around the world, look at the president of the United States and say, does he exhibit the kind of qualities that we would want to emulate?”

However, Romney does not believe impeachment is the right way to go. While Romney believed that Congressman Justin Amash was “courageous” for being the first congressional Republican to declare that Trump was guilty of “impeachable conduct”, he believes Amash “reached a different conclusion than I have.”

After reading special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on potential obstruction of justice by the president, Romney commented, “you just don’t have the elements” to prove that Trump committed any crime.

Romney is also aware that impeachment will be hard to move through a Republican-controlled Senate.

This new reality has made the shrillest of Never Trumpers understand that impeachment is out of the question at this point.

For most Never Trumpers, Romney would be an ideal candidate given his penchant for supporting defense interests and not rocking the boat on other major issues like central banking.

In the meantime, Romney will continue to attack Trump whenever the opportunities present themselves.


MSU Provost Goes Politically Correct by Eliminating the Words “Foreign” and “Alien”



In a recent announcement, Michigan State University Provost Teresa Woodruff declared that the university will stop using the terms “foreign” and “alien” to foster a more “inclusive” environment.

The Morning Watch reported that Woodruff said before the Associated Students of MSU (ASMSU) on October 22, that “we will eliminate from our collective lexicon the words ‘alien’ and ‘foreign.’ Instead, we’ve adopted non-pejorative terms that describe geography.”

The new language directed towards international students would now be “non-domestic” or “international,” the provost detailed. Woodruff added that the change will help “create a culture of not us vs. them, but of each other.”

Woodruff revealed that change was made by the MSU Office of the Provost and went through the Dean’s Council, and the federal government was made aware of these changes.

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The ASMSU’s International Students Association representative Nikunj Agarwal declared that the language change is an “essential step” and that change in language will help in “making us feel really inclusive in the community.” MSU has been active over the past year in trying to become more politically correct and “inclusive.”

Back in October 2019, MSU made additional changes to appeal to resident aliens by launching a website for “undocumented students, refugees, and recipients of…DACA.” The website listed a number of goals which consisted of “reducing apprehension, addressing confusion, and giving better access to MSU resources.”

MSU’s President Samuel Stanley was especially shook after Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents gave a presentation before an MSU class. Stanley likened the the CBP agents’ visit to campus as acts of vandalism and part of the “concern and anger” at the university.

Public universities are making it clear that they don’t care about free speech and are willing to manipulate language for the sake of promoting political correctness. If conservatives aren’t majoring in high demand fields such as STEM, they should give universities the cold shoulder. There’s no need to subsidize institutions that hate you.

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