NEVERTRUMP DELUSION: National Review’s David French Praises Mueller Following His Testimony

After pretty much everyone across the political spectrum agreed that former FBI special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony before Congress this week was a complete and unmitigated disaster for the Democrats, the consummate ‘Never Trumper’ took a different take.

The National Review mainstay wrote in an editorial for Time claiming that “Mueller’s critics did not undermine a single one of the report’s material factual assertions regarding Trump’s conduct or the conduct of his team” during the two hearings i which the veteran FBI spook faced questioning.

French believes this despite the fact that Mueller stated that he was not aware of Fusion GPS, the firm that was contracted through a third party by Democrats to produce dubious intelligence that provided the entire basis of the Russian collusion investigation.

“All of it reflects the fact that the Trump campaign was laden with individuals who were willing, eager even, to accept campaign help from America’s chief geopolitical foe,” French wrote of the so-called evidence found in the Mueller report.

After misrepresenting the obvious truths about Mueller’s testimony before Congress, French recycled old, debunked attacks against the President – urging that the American public must vote for the Democrat in next year’s election because of Trump’s supposed lack of character.

“And while Democrats and other Trump opponents are right to emphasize policy disagreements and policy alternatives, it is also vital to ask the American people, do you still want this man to be your president?” French asked.

“The bottom line is clear. The truth is one of Donald Trump’s most dangerous enemies. Robert Mueller uncovered the truth. It’s now up to the American people to ensure that the truth carries political consequences,” French wrote in the conclusion to his article.

Outside of French’s reality-deprived ‘Never Trump’ bubble, commentators from the Left and the Right are admitting that Mueller’s muddled testimony was a huge victory for Trump and those who have proclaimed the Russian collusion investigation to be a giant hoax.

French’s echo chamber is getting more lonely, as he is even forced to admit that Mueller “didn’t deliver the kind of command performance that would reverse the emerging momentum (backed by polls) against impeachment” and that “asking voters to support only the second impeachment in American history – on the eve of a presidential election, no less – represents an unacceptable, divisive political risk.”

Trump has emerged from Mueller’s special investigation victorious, and whiny op/eds from French and others similarly afflicted with Trump derangement syndrome are not going to change the truth of the matter.

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