#NeverTrump Erick Erickson’s Site Says The Wall Won’t Work

First-ballot hall of fame #NeverTrump pundit Erick Erickson published a Saturday story on his blog claiming that a wall on the southern border is both implausible to build and will not have the desired effect of keeping illegals from simply walking into the United States.

“The total length of the US-Mexico border is 1,989 miles (3,201 km) and the sheer length of the border would make the construction of a wall along the southern border a massive undertaking,” said a piece written by David Thornton in The Maven. 

What happened to the sense of American pride in these spineless #NeverTrump weaklings? This is the country whose innovations shaped the modern world. The one that invented electricity, won World War II, and put a man on the moon. We can’t erect 2,000 miles of concrete barrier?

“Natural barriers are also present along the southern US border. While many Americans picture the Mexican border as a flat, desert wasteland, in reality, there are many different types of terrain,” the piece said.

There’s the good old American spirit – It might be challenging, let’s give up!

The piece continued to bemoan the obstacle that is the Rio Grande river. Though Thronton agrees that from an engineering standpoint, it is possible to build a such a structure in water (see the beams that support every major bridge in this country for proof), he said that the placement of the wall could present problems for farmers who rely on the Rio Grande for watering their crops, and that altering the course of the river would be a violation of some treaty with Mexico. Since there’s no possible way to work either of these issues out, we should give up. (Eye roll).

“Because much of the border land in Texas is privately owned, the federal government has had to use eminent domain laws to condemn and seize land where it plans to build the wall in Texas,” the piece continued.

Has anyone asked these Texan landowners if they would be willing to cede ground in exchange for a wall? The Maven certainly did not. But this reporter’s sense is that those blue-blooded Americans would be willing to sacrifice a bit for their country. Not to mention the benefits that would surely follow from not having to deal with cartel smugglers traversing their property.

And then, according to the piece, there’s the problem of tough terrain.

“The southwestern United States contains rocky mountains and sheer cliffs that are reminiscent of Wile E. Coyote cartoons. This terrain is ill-suited to construction but is passable to determined travelers,” it said.

So people can (and do) cross the border here, but we can’t build a wall on it. Roger that.

Conspicuously missing from the piece, which is full of gripes and presents multiple “problems” with building a wall, are any solutions to problem of illegal immigration and the constant influx of foreign invaders crossing our borders daily – 2,000 of them, to be specific.

True to form, the elite political class provides problems but no solutions, all while wondering why they are universally hated among ordinary Americans.

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