#NeverTrump Failure Jonah Goldberg Pushes ChiCom PC Rhetoric on Chinese Virus

Conservative gatekeeper Jonah Goldberg wrote a piece titled “Debating Virus Terminology is a Waste of Energy” trying to play the role of “reasonable” conservative during the ongoing PC debate about how to refer to the current pandemic —originating in Wuhan, China — shocking the entire world.

In typical fashion, he tries to play the centrist role by calling out some members of the leftist media while also taking some of the most effective conservatives in Congress to task.

He specifically singled out Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar:

While it’s not racist to refer to it as the Chinese coronavirus or Wuhan virus, there are people on the right eager to play into the very stereotype the left is decrying by refusing to use the official name. This brouhaha started in large part because of a “Wuhan virus” tweet by Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., a crackpot fond of playing footsie with white supremacist idiots. (He’s claimed, among other things, that the 2017 “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, was a left-wing stunt possibly funded by George Soros.)

Never mind that Charlottesville police engaged in one of the most heinous examples of anarcho-tyranny and let leftist radicals operate with virtual impunity at the event, which escalated tensions and led to a fatal confrontation.

Additionally, Gosar is one of the most America First candidates Congress, who has stood strong on issues like immigration and foreign policy.

Goldberg called out President Donald Trump as well for trying to capitalize on this crisis:

Others have a more serious agenda. Some people, deeply committed to the new nationalist cause and the effort to paint China as an enemy of the United States, have jumped on this crisis as an opportunity to further stigmatize China. After all, a crisis is a terrible thing to waste. That’s why President Trump tweeted on Tuesday, “We need the Wall more than ever!”

What Goldberg doesn’t get is that the Wuhan virus outbreak is not a pretext to justify overreach, but instead demonstrates Trump’s 2016 concerns about globalism — the pitfalls of unrestricted movement of people and “free trade” with despotic regimes with questionable environmental standards. Because of these recent developments, Trump should not hesitate to flex his muscles against globalism by closing the border and passing America First immigration restriction policies.

Goldberg has a long history of moving to the Left on issues ranging from immigration to gay marriage, so he can never be counted on to be an effective advocate nor ally to America First causes.

And you wonder why so-called “conservatives” can’t conserve anything of value?


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