NeverTrump Libertarian Justin Amash Looking at Spoiler Presidential Campaign

Michigan Independent libertarian congressman Justin Amash confirmed he’s considering a presidential campaign in a Monday night tweet.

The former Republican was driven out of the party for supporting Robert Mueller’s hoax witch hunt in July of 2019, later going on to advocate for President Donald Trump’s impeachment for temporarily suspending foreign aid to Ukraine.

He’s remade himself into a Democrat favorite, conveniently providing moralistic condemnations of Trump when it suits the political interests of the Left. But Amash’s consideration of an independent presidential campaign could potentially make him into a Mitt Romney figure, posing a problem for Democratic nominee Joe Biden and stringent ‘vote blue’ neoliberal Democrats.

A potential Amash independent (or Libertarian Party) presidential campaign could provide the Michigan member of Congress with a convenient way to avoid competing in an upcoming election for his House seat. Amash will compete on the ballot as an independent, but polling for his prospects in a GOP primary(when he was still in the party) showed Amash trailing well behind two Republican candidates for the house seat, state representatives Jim Lower and Lynn Afendoulis.

If Amash declined to run for reelection in Michigan’s 3rd District for the nominal purposes of a presidential campaign, he’d conveniently avoid the possibility of facing an embarrassing defeat to a Republican challenger in the red district.

There’s still a strong libertarian element within the Republican Party, represented by legislators such as Rand Paul and Thomas Massie. But Amash’s promotion of Russia and impeachment hysteria places him well within the political parameters of the Democratic or Libertarian parties.

Amash says he’s examining the prospect of a presidential campaign this week. We’ll probably know soon if he’s just playing with the idea, or if he seriously intends to make a go at it as either an independent or a Libertarian candidate.


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