#NeverTrump Round Up: Globalists Across the Spectrum Praise Assange’s Arrest

Julian Assange’s arrest at the Ecuadorian Embassy in central London is making Twitter erupt.

Neocon Never Trumpers and Hillary Clinton supporters have come out of the woodwork to defend the arrest of the whistleblower.

Prime Minister Theresa May, who has derailed Brexit so far, lauded Assange’s arrest. The establishment Prime Minister lauded Assange’s arrest and proclaimed “In the United Kingdom, nobody is above the law.”

British Foreign Minister Sajid Javid echoed May’s sentiments in stating that “no one is above the law”.

On the American side, Neera Tanden, the President of the Center for American Progress, started off by labeling Assange as an “agent of a proto-fascist state”.


Former Clinton crony, Claude Taylor gloated about Assange’s arrest and made sure to take swipes at other figures like Sean Hannity, Nigel Farage, and Dana Rohrbacher who he believes were Assange’s “enablers”.

On the establishment Right, seasoned neocon compromiser Ben Sasse played the Russia card and praised Assange’s arrest.

Gate-keeping conservative commentator Ben Shapiro also retweeted numerous establishment figures who praised the arrest of Assange.

On top of that, Meghan McCain went on The View and said she hopes Assange “rots in hell” for the alleged threat that Assange posed for national security.

Assange was arrested on April 11, 2019 in the Ecuadorean embassy in London for an alleged computer hacking conspiracy with Chelsea Manning.

Several Trump supporters like Paul Joseph Watson came to Assange’s defense and praised him for his work in exposing the military-industrial complex.

Watson even called for Trump to pardon Assange for his work exposing the Deep State.

Over the past few years, Assange has had numerous run-ins with the law.

On November 2010, Sweden issued an international arrest warrant for Assange based on allegations of sexual assault and rape. Assange turned himself into British authorities on December 7, 2010 but was then released on bail a few days afterwards.

Ecuador granted Assange political asylum after he broke his bail conditions in 2012.

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