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#NeverTrump Shapiro Deletes Tweet Mocking Trump’s Response to Notre Dame Blaze

The anti-Trump shill is at it again, this time belittling the tragic fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral after claiming Judeo-Christian civilization built the Catholic marvel.



Shapiro Deletes Offensive Anti Trump Tweet

Ben Shapiro, who is a frequently irrational critic of President Donald J. Trump, deleted an offensive tweet he published mocking the president’s response to the horrific fire that destroyed much of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France.

The Daily Wire founder and #NeverTrump political pundit mocked President Trump’s response and his intellect earlier this afternoon, then deleted it after a massive backlash.

President Trump wrote “So horrible to watch the massive fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris,” then wondered “Perhaps flying water tankers could be used to put it out.”

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“Must act quickly,” added the president.

Shapiro used this as an opportunity to mock the president, and belittled the tragedy in the process, quoting the president’s tweet and writing “‘Why doesn’t the football team put it out?’ – President Donald J. Trump”, suggesting the president does not know the difference between the world famous cathedral and the American University of Notre Dame.

Shapiro tweeted again later in the day, acknowledging his decision to delete the tweet, writing “Wrong time, obviously. Apologies, all.”

He had also received push back after describing the Catholic place of worship as a “monument to Western civilization“, and falling back on the Judeo-Christian ethics of Western nations when corrected.

Rarely does a week pass without Shapiro criticizing President Trump on an issue most conservatives agree with the president on, but this may be the most egregious example of Shapiro’s anti-Trump tendencies.

Last week, Shapiro appeared on a news program to repeatedly belittle President Trump’s intellect. He also sided with the left by labeling President Trump as a “divisive” leader who is not “qualified to really speak to the foundations of Western civilization.”

In March, Shapiro went on a lengthy Twitter rant bashing President Trump for his decision to walk away from the negotiating table with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, describing the president’s efforts and accomplishments to denuclearize and pacify the renegade nation as “amateur hour.”

Earlier in the year, Shapiro was heralded by an anti-free speech Democrat Ted Lieu for his stance against the declaration of a national emergency at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Much of this, perhaps exempting today’s incomprehensibly offensive jibe, should all come as no surprise to Big League Politics readers. Last year Shapiro himself admitted that he is little more than a Hollywood-built amalgamation created to bilk conservatives of money and sell them neoconservative ideas.


President Trump Confirms Support of Republican Party, Slams Biden’s Open Borders in Wide-Ranging CPAC Speech

The Republican Party is Trump’s party.



President Donald Trump refuted reports that he plans to start a new political party in a wide-ranging CPAC speech, going on to deliver a thorough criticism of his successor’s “America Last” approach to governance.

Trump pointed to the notion of creating a “Patriot Party” as a “stupid idea,” arguing that it would divide the votes of nationalists, conservatives and America First patriots who support his political movement. He confirmed that he intends to lead the Republican Party, and that only the GOP could effectively stand up to Biden’s liberal-globalist establishment vision.

Trump pointed to Biden’s disastrous first month in office as the worst for an American president history, citing the establishment Democrat’s dismantling of US borders and immigration system, destruction of the energy industry, and mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic and vaccine delivery program.

Trump focused more on Joe Biden’s open borders immigration policies than any other speaker at CPAC, recounting how Biden had dismantled much of his own America First policy reforms in his first month in office. Biden has terminated wall construction, administratively abolished ICE, opened the asylum system to economic migrants, and endangered American communities at a moment in which incoming ‘caravans’ of illegal aliens pose a potent threat to deliver the coronavirus.

The 45th President suggested he might run for the office again in 2024, potentially becoming the first president since Grover Cleveland to serve non-consecutive terms in the White House.

The former President summarized many of his policy accomplishments while in office, contrasting them with the Biden approach. Among the points Trump touched on include the reopening of schools(delayed by Biden), his dealings with Iran.

With support for President Trump’s political movement as potent as ever, it remains certain he’ll remain the de facto leader of the Republican Party in the years to come. Polling conducted at CPAC reveals that Trump easily leads polling for a 2024 Republican primary should be run again, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis leading with a plurality in the event the 45th President decides not to run again.

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