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NeverTrumpers Want to See Meghan McCain Take Her Late Father’s Senate Seat

With Meghan having no experience other than being the daughter of a Senator, it’s unclear how anyone would think she’d be a shoe-in to fill the seat of her late father.



In the wake of Senator John McCain’s passing, some #NeverTrumpers have spoken up and suggested that McCain’s daughter, Meghan McCain would be a wonderful person to fill the now open seat on the U.S. Senate.

Meghan McCain was able to land a seat on the panel of the daytime talk show “The View,” on October 9, 2017, where she shares her late father’s outright loathing of President Donald Trump.

Back in February, when McCain first joined “The View”, Meghan shared with Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen just how stressful it is to sit with other opinionated women and talk for less than an hour per filming. “It’s such a difficult job on so many different levels. It’s highly political. It’s highly nuance. Trump’s America makes everything very polarizing,” Meghan says. “I prep as hard as I do for The View as I did for every news show I’ve ever been on.”

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On several occasions Meghan addressed her father’s health issues while he battled a form of cancer called glioblastoma. Meghan’s co-host Joy Behar, another liberal looney with Trump Derangement Syndrome made comments on air that the late John McCain had proved to be more patriotic than most in the Republican Party, “He is the example of American patriotism, which we have a short shrift of.”

On Tuesday, Trump-bashing political editor of Townhall and Fox News contributor, Guy Benson, hinted that Meghan McCain is the next senator of Arizona! It should be noted that Benson is a personal friend of Meghan’s and the two were colleagues at Fox News before she left to join the panel on “The View.”

Benson explains that he would normally be opposed to having Congressional seats or other positions of political power be “handed down from generation to generation in America. Power is not a family heirloom; it is something to be earned, with the consent of voters.” Benson adds that he doesn’t know much about her ideology, but that he prefers Meghan over other millennial conservative women. ” I also believe my friend would take the job seriously, merging valuable lessons she’s learned from her dad over the years with the interests of the people he’s served for decades — including shifting generational attitudes, and complicated changes within the GOP coalition,” Benson says.

Monday, Benson tweeted, “If, as reported, Arizona’s Governor is considering selecting member of McCain’s family to serve out the remainder of his Senate term, I nominate Meghan.”

The piece written by Benson on the Townhall website, was in response to the negative feedback he received from his nominating Meghan McCain on Monday.

With Meghan having no experience other than being the daughter of a Senator, it’s unclear how anyone would think she’d be a shoe-in to fill the seat of her late father.


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