#NeverWarren Trends on Twitter as Civil War Between Bernie and Pocahontas Heats Up

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) reportedly made a pact for neutrality before beginning of the 2020 presidential race, but the agreement seems to be fraying at the seems as the campaign heats up in the crucial weeks before the Iowa caucus.

After the Warren campaign alleged that Sanders told her that a woman cannot beat Trump (an allegation Sanders vehemently denies), Warren had the audacity to claim that Sanders called her a liar on hot mic audio following the presidential debate on CNN earlier this week.

“I think you called me a liar on national TV,” Warren can be heard saying.

“What?” Sanders responded.

“I think you called me a liar on national TV,” she repeated.

“You know, let’s not do it right now. If you want to have that discussion, we’ll have that discussion,” Sanders said, to which Warren replied, “Anytime.”

“You called me a liar,” Sanders continued. “You told me — all right, let’s not do it now.”

Sanders’ supporters are not happy with Warren’s attack, perceiving that Warren is leading the charge for Sanders’ scalp as he rises in the polls. Many Sanders’ supporters have adopted the hashtag #NeverWarren on Twitter and have launched their revolt against the phony Indian candidate.


Warren supporters are striking back against the #NeverWarren movement, chiding Sanders’ supporters and accusing them of enabling Trump by taking a principled stand.

Some deranged liberals are even saying, without providing any evidence, that the #NeverWarren movement is powered by evil Rooskie agents!


Even after an operative for the Sanders campaign was revealed as an anarcho-communist threatening death and destruction, Sanders continues to rise in the polls. He even pulled ahead of Vice President Joe Biden in an online poll conducted by Reuters/Ipsos released on Thursday:

The online poll, released Thursday, shows that 20% of registered Democrats and independents said they would back Sanders over 11 other candidates to run in the general election against President Donald Trump, an increase of 2 percentage points from a similar poll that ran last week.

Another 19% supported Biden, 12% said they would vote for Senator Elizabeth Warren, 9% backed former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and 6% said they would support Pete Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana.

Sanders and Bloomberg have increased their level of support in each of the last three Reuters/Ipsos polls starting in mid-December, while support for Biden, Warren and Buttigieg has remained flat.

The poll also shows that about one in five potential primary voters remain undecided. And among those who have picked, nearly two out of three say they are open to changing their minds.

Sanders, an independent who built a national network of fervent supporters while running for the party’s nomination in 2016, has consistently ranked among the most popular candidates since he entered the race.

The poll shows that standing does not appear to have been hurt by his recent confrontation with Warren over Sanders’ views of women and politics.

Sanders has become a huge problem for the Democrat establishment yet again, and it doesn’t look like the arrows from Pocahontas are going to be able to stop his momentum.

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