NEW AD: America First Congressional Candidate Marjorie Greene BLASTS ‘Socialist’ Incumbent in Georgia

Staunch pro-gun advocate Marjorie Taylor Greene is running for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District and is putting incumbent Congresswoman Lucy McBath on notice.

On Sunday, Greene released a video denouncing both the Democratic party’s stances during the 2020 presidential debates and McBath’s leftist policies.

She noted, “Last week, millions of Americans watched on national TV as every Democrat Presidential candidate said they would use taxpayer dollars to pay for health plans for illegal aliens.”

Greene has built a reputation in Georgia for her pro-gun activism, which BLP covered when she went to Washington D.C. to confront Senators on gun control legislation like red flag laws.

The Georgia activists highlighted that “President Trump needs a fighter like me in Washington, DC, to fight back against this socialist agenda that will kill jobs, crush our economy, and prioritize illegal aliens over American citizens.”

McBath is a notorious gun control activist and has proven to be a reliable ally for leftist in Congress, which Greene pointed out to Big League Politics, “my Democrat opponent, Lucy McBath, votes in lock step with radical hate America socialists like Ilhan Omar.  And she does whatever Nancy Pelosi asks her to do.”

Greene stressed the need for a “Congressman in Washington who will fight for our district first, not for illegal aliens.”

The campaign for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District is rather interesting considering that McBath beat the previous incumbent by a 50.5 to 49.5 percent margin.

Greene will face off with the previous incumbent, Karen Handel, in what’s sure to be a heated primary.

Handel, who won a highly contested special election in 2017 to become the first Republican woman Representative in Georgia’s history. Unfortunately for her, she quickly became the first Republican woman to be voted out of office when she lost to McBath in the 2018 midterms.

Democrats inside the beltway see Georgia as a pathway into the South, but if conservatives have their say the district is likely to swing back to the right.

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