NEW: ANTIFA Thug That Attacked Portland Man in Cheap Shot Head Kick Identified as 25-Year Old “Armed Security Guard” Marquise Love

Big League Politics can now confirm the perpetrator of a brutal ANTIFA curb stomp attack on a badly beaten motorist in Portland as 29-year old Beaverton, Oregon native Marquise Love. Nationalist Review first published information pertaining to his identity early Monday morning.

Love brutally attacked a motorist with a cheap shot kick to the back of the head.

On his Facebook profile, Love identifies his employment status as “Armed Security Guard.” Internet sleuths watching video of the Portland riots caught imagery of an identification tab Love was wearing, and found his name.

Love is seen promoting the Black Lives Matter movement in additional Facebook posts.

Love has been previously arrested and booked into the Washington County Jail on charges of domestic assault, raising serious questions as to how he’s able to work as an armed security guard.

Love was charged with misdemeanor domestic violence charges in 2017. Oregon forbids offenders convicted of certain domestic violence crimes from possessing firearms, meaning that Love is likely a prohibited possessor of guns if he was ultimately convicted of the charges and is carrying firearms as an “armed security guard.”

Love would even go on to laughably claim that he was “protecting people” by delivering a cheap shot head kick to an incapacitated man, tacitly admitting his role in the incident.

Police were nowhere to be seen as Love and a mob of ANTIFA militants savagely beat the driver of the white truck. It remains to be seen if he’ll face felony charges for his brutal cheap shot head kick attack on a helpless and wounded man, especially considering Portland District Attorney Mike Schmidt is resolute in refusing to charge ANTIFA criminals with riot crimes.


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