New App Allows Users to Block 800+ New York Times Journos on Twitter

If you’re still using Twitter, one app has been created to allow users to filter out corporate disinformation on the notoriously left-wing social media platform.

The BlockNYT allows users to block more than 800 employees of the New York Times on Twitter. The blocklist can be applied with a few clicks and is available for free at

The app’s creators are likely to update the list to include new New York Times reporters. Twitter is famous for providing an artificial platform to journalists of ‘legacy’ mainstream media companies, most notably the New York Times, the Washington Post, and MSNBC.

Many users of Big Tech social media platforms have pointed to the New York Times and Washington Post for the serial proliferation of disinformation online. Both outlets peddled the discredited “Russian interference” conspiracy theory for years, regularly slander and libel individuals on the basis of their race, and lied about weapons of mass destruction in order to bring about the Iraq War.

The app follows DeMainstream, a browser extension that enables YouTube users to filter out corporate media companies from search results and suggestions on the platform. It’s essential for any internet user skeptical of the mainstream media to install it, as finding credible sources of information has become nearly impossible due to a rigged YouTube search algorithm.

Free speech social media platforms such as Gab remain accessible to all, but mainstream media journalists are notoriously loathe to appear on platforms where they’re not promised a buffed following they did nothing to earn by Silicon Valley administrators.

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