New Bombshell Report Shows How Counties are Circumventing Bans on Private Funding of Elections

A new bombshell report from the Honest Elections Project (HEP) has shown how private money is still being used to influence elections, even as the private funding of election infrastructure is getting banned by states nationwide.

The far-left Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) came under fire for giving hundreds of millions of private money to fund election infrastructure in 2020, which increased the amount of unattended ballot boxes allowing the coordinated fraud operation outlined in the “2000 Mules” documentary to take place. As a result, many states have banned the private funding of elections in an attempt to bring these abusive practices to a halt.

In response to the reforms, the CTCL has founded the U.S. Alliance for Election Excellence (AEE) in order to circumvent these new laws banning private money in elections. HEP has obtained public documents through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to uncover the CTCL’s scheme to create “Centers for Election Excellence” in order to exert private influence over election infrastructure in localities.

HEP reviewed the documents with the John Locke Foundation and found the AEE is “designed to systematically influence every aspect of
election administration in target offices and push progressive voting policies.”

The Alliance is already in communication with and influencing election officials in counties throughout the country, including Forsyth County and Brunswick County in North Carolina. The AEE creates “scholarships” which are converted to “credits” that purchase services from the CTCL and other left-wing partners, as part of a convoluted process to exert private influence over the system and buy election infrastructure unbeknownst to the public.

“I get something and give something,” said one Brunswick election official in a document received by HEP.

This devil’s bargain is being used to woo over lazy and incompetent election officials who believe a partnership with the AEE will take work off of their plate. In addition, touting the meaningless “Center for Election Excellence” title as a public relations stunt also can be used by these election bureaucrats to trick the public into looking the other way as the far-left takeover of crucial election infrastructure takes place.

HEP is drawing attention to the CTCL’s scheme to show activists, reformers and lawmakers that merely banning private money in elections is not enough. They need to be constantly on the look out for the enemy’s scheming to get around these laws as they will stop at nothing to rig and steal elections and protect the coup against the U.S. Constitution that they initiated with the 2020 presidential vote steal.

“Vigilant oversight by lawmakers, rigorous reporting requirements, and total transparency from election offices are also key to maintaining the integrity of elections,” HEP stated in the report.

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