New Border Patrol Numbers Reveal the Frightening Nature of the Border Rush Taking Place Under Joe Biden’s Watch

VDARE has been on top of all matters relating to immigration since its founding in 1999.

With Joe Biden at the helm, VDARE writers have been on top of the crisis unfolding at the Southern border.

James Fulford of VDARE revealed some of the latest border crossing numbers coming from the Border Patrol website, and they are quite shocking:

“The Border Patrol reports 100,441 apprehensions  in February—nearly three times the number of last February (36,514).”

Over the last year immigration has been on the rise, and Fulford brings some broader context to it:

“This was the ninth straight month of increase from April 2020, when 17,106 were apprehended.”

The numbers that the U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) and Office of Field Operations (OFO) used consist of the following:

  • Accompanied Minors
  • Family Unit Aliens (FMUA)
  • Single Adults
  • Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) / Single Minors

Since October, migration numbers have been consistently soaring. The trend for October (71,946), November (72,111), December (74,018), January (78,442), and February (100,441) is absolutely clear.

At the pace the U.S. is going, Fiscal Year 2021 border apprehensions could conceivably surpass 2020’s number in a month or two. For example, as of now, there have have been roughly 397,000 apprehensions in Fiscal Year 2021, while there were slightly over 458,000 apprehensions in the entire year of 2020.

The Biden administration has been derelict in its immigration duties which was to be expected. The radicalism that has engulfed Democrats and their surrogates is propelling them to embark on nation-destroying ventures such as pushing for open borders.

Ultimately, Democrats must be put in their place. And the best way to start is for America First Republicans to retake the U.S. House. Avoiding goofy issues such as tax cuts and having laser-like focus on immigration will propel nationalists to victory in 2022.

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