New California Law Prevents Insubordinate and Disruptive Kids from Being Suspended

California ceases to pass legislation that boggles the mind.

Rob Dreher of The American Conservative reported that a new bill passed would ban all public and charter schools from suspending students for “willful defiance.”

In other words, if a student is misbehaving in class, teachers and school officials will not be allowed to suspend them from school.

It’s no secret that California public schools lag behind in national education standards, despite the state dropping $90 billion into the education system in 2019.

Schools now have to keep kids on campus no matter their level of unruliness and detrimental behavior that negatively impacts the education of others.

Under SB 419, the only exceptions for which a student could still be suspended will be for bringing a weapon or illegal drugs to school.

In almost cliché fashion, lawmakers passed this bill to supposedly combat racism.

A local NBC affiliate reported the following about this bill:

“The bill by Sen. Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley, would ban the suspension of students in grades K-8 for refusing to obey a teacher or administrator, a practice known as willful defiance.

‘I’ve dealt with a lot of these cases,’ said Berry Accius, founder of Voice of the Youth, a nonprofit mentoring program in Sacramento. ‘Unfortunately, I’ve had kids that have been suspended for sometimes three months.”’

Accius said school suspensions are used disproportionately against students of color.

‘African American males and females, they are suspended at a higher rate — especially the African American males,’ Accius said.

This law will go into effect on July 1, 2020.

Rod Dreher of The American Conservative bashed the initiative and foresees the following scenario:

“Now state legislators, in their wisdom, have condemned elementary school teachers and the well-behaved students — black, white, Latino, Asian, whatever — to the tyranny of brats.”

Dreher added: “Progressives are dismantling the ability of a basic social institution — the school — to defend itself, and to maintain order sufficient to fulfill its function.” More importantly, Dreher made an interesting point: “when the parents who can afford to get their kids out of the public schools do so, progressives will call them racist.”

Public schools in America are now starting to become inhospitable for children who want a real education.

Americans will have to draw from America’s long history of non-governmental education in order to come up with an alternative to the current education system, which is filled with dysfunction across the board.

California’s newest bill just indicates that public educators are no longer interested in establishing quality learning environments for the children.

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