New Children’s Book On Abortion Screams “Propaganda”

Children’s Book On Abortion

There is a new children’s story book that glorifies abortion titled “What’s An Abortion, Anyway?” that’s filled with pro-abortion propaganda.

According to pro-life activist Jonathon Van Maren, the book is “shocking – even for some of the procedure’s most ardent supporters.”

“They refuse to refer to the baby in any way, shape or form throughout [the book, which] is intended to introduce the subject of abortion to children. [It also tosses] in some LGBT talking points for good measure: People ‘of all gender identities get pregnant,’ children are told at one point,” Van Maren wrote.

The book was written by two queer women, Jory Mickelson and Robin Stevenson, and is being sold on Amazon. It has also drawn criticism from pro-life advocates who say it’s simply “inappropriate for children.”

“It’s one thing for adults to discuss these things – but kids are off limits,” Van Maren said. “This is child abuse, pure and simple.”

The authors have defended their work saying that it’s important to educate children on the topic of abortion.

News about this book first went viral after an exchange on Twitter between Meghan Murphy, a feminist writer, and Pro-Choice Canada.

Murphy tweeted: “This is f*cked up,” in response to a tweet by Pro-Choice Canada which said: “Abortion should be normalized & taught in schools like any other health procedure.”

Other talks about the book came from abortion activist Renee Bracey Sherman and Christina Pushaw, the current press secretary for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Children’s Book On Abortion

Van Maren also had this to say about the controversial abortion book:

“Not surprisingly, the book is rife with disinformation from the get-go. They describe a miscarriage not as the loss of a child, but as a process where a ‘pregnancy’ isn’t healthy enough to keep growing.

Van Maren argued that this will be “understandably confusing to children,” adding that the author’s use a similar “slight of hand” when describe abortion itself.

Per the book, “an abortion is when someone decides to stop growing their pregnancy.”

Perhaps the most shocking part of the book comes from its over simplification of the whole abortion process. In one section, the authors mention “removing pregnancy” is “safe” because “millions of people [have them].”

Supporters of the book have adopted a cute and playful attitude that proclaims abortion is a natural process that is both healthy and warranted. But a quick look through the Twitter responses to the book shows that many people are outraged by it.

One person tweeted: “This is just wrong on so many levels,” while another said: “No child needs to know about this.”

Many others have argued that the book is nothing more than “pro-abortion propaganda” and “child abuse.”

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Children’s Book On Abortion

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