New Congressional Advisory Body Warns that United States Faces Risks Over Patriot Missile Systems 

On December 31, 2022,  American media outlets reported on the  Congressional Research Service’s warning to Congress that the projected delivery of Patriot missile systems to Ukraine has increased risks for the United States.

According to a report by Press TV, the Patriot air-defense missile system “consists of a package of radars, command-and-control technology, and multiple interceptors requires dozens of trained personnel who have taken part in several months of training courses.” CRS provides expert analysis to elected officials in Congress in a nonpartisan manner. 

“There is a lot of learning to do before Ukraine will have a functioning Patriot system on the ground,” CRS stated.

CRS also manifested concerns about the “massive price tag” of the Patriot systems and their interceptor missiles, which cost approximately “$4 million per missile.” The CRS noted that “a newly produced Patriot battery costs about $1.1 billion, including about $400 million for the system and about $690 million for the missiles.”

CRS suggested that Congress should entertain the idea if certain “restrictions [would] be imposed on what types of hostile systems can be engaged by” the systems Ukrainian troops are operating.

Towards the end of December, the Biden regime announced that it will supply Ukraine with the Patriot system as part of a $1.85 billion military package to the embattled Slavic country. Russia’s heavy missile strikes against Ukraine and gradual territorial gains have propelled the US to ramp up military aid to Ukraine.  

Ukraine has repeatedly called for the US government to supply it with the Patriot system. However, a significant number of experts believe supplying this system to Ukraine could lead to increased tensions. 

Press TV highlighted the background of the Patriot missile system: 

The Patriot missile system, which is an extension of the surface-to-air missile (SAM) system initially developed in the 1980s to intercept high-flying aircraft, has been developed by US aerospace and military conglomerate Raytheon Technologies Corp and was first deployed in the field in the 1991 Gulf War.

Thus far, the time frame for the supply of the Patriot missile system to Ukraine is still up in the air. Russia holds escalatory dominance in Ukraine, so any shipment of advanced weapons to Ukraine will merely prolong its inevitable defeat. 

The US needs to halt all aid to Ukraine and start focusing on real national security matters — protecting our southern border from the migrant invasion. 

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