New Courageous Conservatives Ad: Trump ‘Doesn’t Know’ Luther Strange, ‘Might Have Made A Mistake’

YouTube screenshot

Courageous Conservatives PAC is out with a new ad highlighting President Trump’s statement that he doesn’t really know Senate candidate Luther Strange, and that he might have made a mistake endorsing Strange.

Trump made the comments in his speech in Alabama Friday night. Trump endorsed Strange, who is losing ground and trailing in the polls to Christian firebrand Judge Roy Moore. The race has split Trump-World, with Trump (formally) and Pence backing Strange while Sebastian Gorka and Sarah Palin support Moore.

Trump seems to realize that his formal endorsement might have been a “mistake,” and conservatives are making hay out of that admission. Here is the Courageous Conservatives ad, provided to Big League Politics Saturday:


Here are Trump’s comments about how he might have made a mistake:

Strange wore a MAGA hat onstage at the rally, which was his most popular moment of the night.

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