New Dem Talking Point: Blame Trump for Causing a ‘Race War’ Over Riots They Have Supported

After fomenting riots for months and refusing to denounce the violent terrorism of groups like Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA, the Democrats are now attempting to blame the sustained carnage on President Donald Trump.

The new talking point, spread by the Washington Post and other soulless liberal apparatchiks, is that President Trump is trying to foment a “race war” throughout America.

“There are multiple arrests that the FBI has conducted in the last few months at these peaceful protests where you have right-wing extremists coming in trying to take advantage of the cover of the protests to carry out these violent acts and they are trying to start a race war,” said former deep state hack Elizabeth Neumann.

“What I’m worried about is this country descending into a race war,” Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser said at a news conference on Monday.

“Our police and peaceful protesters will be safer when we come together as a community and tamp down this black-versus-white rhetoric,” she added.

However, all of the racist and hateful rhetoric has come from Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA and their Democrat Party enablers.

Democrat vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris even supported a bail fund that allowed terrorists apprehended in Minneapolis to get back on the streets and cause more destruction:

Harris also gave a more explicit endorsement of left-wing terror during a recent appearance on Late Night with Stephen Colbert:

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany reminded the world about all the times Democrats either supported the BLM/ANTIFA campaign of terror or looked the other way while cities were decimated and Americans were beaten and killed.

“It’s interesting to me to see Democrats who ignored the violence all of the sudden caring about it but lets not forget what they said previously. Speaker Nancy Pelosi downplaying the violence in U.S. cities, ignorantly saying, ‘People will do what they do.’ Jerry Nadler when asked about Antifa he said, ‘that was a myth that’s being spread around Washington D.C.’ It’s not a myth, in fact an antifa individual took the life of an innocent Trump supporter in Portland. You have Rep. Ayanna Pressly saying she wanted unrest in the streets. Chris Cuomo saying, ‘Show me where protestors are supposed to be peaceful.’ I’ll give you an idea Chris, it’s the constitution,” McEnany said at a press conference on Monday.

“Don Lemon saying, ‘the rioting has to stop, Chris as you know and I know, it’s showing up in the polls, it’s showing up in the focus groups, it’s the only thing right now that’s sticking.’ So now all of a sudden 90 days later, I from this podium have talked about law and order. The President has talked about law and order repeatedly but because the polling has shifted, now it is time for the Democrats to deny what they said previously and now all of the focus on law and order,” she continued.

McEnany’s smackdown of the fake news covering for Democrat-led terrorism can be seen here:

The Democrats have no plan to get elected other than to blame Trump for the violence and mayhem that they have directly caused. They have shown themselves through their desperate acts to be the domestic enemies of the U.S.

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