New Democrat Gun Control Bill Would Create Full Federal Registry for Every Gun Owner in America

A Democrat-sponsored piece of gun control legislation being introduced for the second would create a full registry for every gun owner in America.

HR 127, or the Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act, was introduced at the start of the month by Houston, Texas Democrat Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. The law was earlier introduced in 2019, but Nancy Pelosi declined to bring it up for a vote, knowing President Donald Trump would assuredly veto it if passed.

HR 127 would mandate that every gun owner apply for a federal gun license from the Department of Justice. The licenses would be issued in ‘may-issue’ fashion, giving the Attorney General complete discretion to ban anyone and everyone from owning guns.

The law would require firearms licensees to undergo a full psychological evaluation by a government-approved psychologist. Members of gun owners’ households would also be required to submit to mental health checks.

Federal licenses for gun ownership under the law would be publicly accessible and viewable, creating not only a federal gun registry, but public information revealing who owns guns available to anyone who wishes to view it.

Gun owners would be required to purchase an $800 insurance policy from the Attorney General under the law. They’d be subject to wide-ranging safety classes, which can be easily obtained in nearly any American town or city already for those interested in firearms.

This doesn’t just apply to semiautomatic rifles such as AR-15s, which the law would require additional government training and safety courses to own. All gun owners, from those who own hunting rifles to .22 pistols, would have to submit to the new Big Brother system.

Any magazine or firearm with capacity for more than ten rounds would be prohibited under the law, with one generous exception from the Democrat overlord for .22 caliber firearms. Those found in violation of the gun control behemoth would be subject to lengthy prison terms of up to 25 years and face fines of $100,000.

This piece is legislation isn’t going to pass the Senate, even though Democrats may very well put it up for a vote in committee or on the House floor. However, it’s a total disgrace that members of the United States Congress are ready and willing to advance legislation that serves as a de facto repeal of the Second Amendment. If this kind of legislation ever became law in the United States, the American legacy of freedom and liberty would be a thing of history.

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