New Documentary: Jeffrey Epstein Provided Trafficked ‘Slaves’ to Prince Andrew To Ensure “Control” Over Him

A new Jeffrey Epstein documentary that premiered on Sunday features a claim that the deceased pedophile billionaire provided trafficked women to Prince Andrew as a means to secure “control” over the British royal.

Surviving Jeffrey Epstein features new interview footage with Virginia Guiffre, who recounts her experience being trafficked by Epstein.

Another Jeffrey Epstein accuser, Lisa Philips recounts that Epstein personally mentioned his need to secure blackmail on the Prince.

Most of the girls didn’t speak about what happened with Prince Andrew, but I had one very good friend who confided in me about her experience with him,” says Philips. “She told me that Jeffrey kind of instructed her to go into a room and have sex with Prince Andrew. She told me, ‘Jeffrey isn’t really who he says he is.

He just mentioned that he needs to have something on people,” she said of Epstein.

The information aligns with reports of pervasive surveillance camera systems utilized by Epstein throughout his various properties, including the infamous ‘pedophile island’ of Little St. James. A supposed personal connection of Epstein ‘madame’ Ghislane Maxwell maintains that the longtime Epstein associate has access to a “stash” of “pedophile sex tapes” that implicate Epstein’s political elite connections. Maxwell is currently awaiting trial at a federal jail in Brooklyn.

Prince Andrew continues to strenuously deny allegations of sexually abusing underage girls who were trafficked by Epstein, including an allegation from Giuffre(who has been photographed with Andrew as a seventeen-year old girl) that she was ordered to provide sexual services to Andrew. The Prince, who has been all but fired from the British royal family, continues to refuse to cooperate with New York federal prosecutors, and may never set foot in the United States again.

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