New Documentary Series Pins 8Chan Server Admin Ron Watkins as Kingpin of ‘Q’ Lie

A new documentary series airing on HBO will identify the so-called ‘Q’ behind the QAnon conspiracy theorist as Ronald Watkins, the son of Jim Watkins, who owns the 8chan forum where Q has regularly posted information.

“Q: Into the Storm” will point to the younger Watkins as Q himself. If Watkins is indeed Q, the theory would be predicated upon a lie, with Q presenting himself in 8chan posts as a senior government official with detailed knowledge of the inner workings of federal law enforcement.

The first part of the documentary series will air on March 21st, with documentary filmmaker Cullen Holback interviewing both Watkins for the series. It’s unclear what evidence he’ll present to nail the younger Watkins as ‘Q’ himself.

Q, who has remained anonymous even as the conspiracy theory attracted considerable attention from mainstream media, created a fervent political movement through regularly promising series of mass arrests and revelations of secretive plots orchestrated by a cabal of powerful pedophiles. Promising a grand ‘plan,’ Q had advertised an dramatic coup of sorts which would keep President Donald Trump in office after the November election, with the plan’s finale ultimately never coming to pass.

8chan is hosted in the Philippines, having been acquired from former owner Frederick Brennan by Jim Watkins. The younger Watkins is thought to reside in either the Philippines or Japan.

Having partially dissolved in the aftermath of the election, the remnants of the QAnon movement are now being utilized by Democrats to advance bogus claims of mass domestic terrorism and political violence.

This was a lie from the beginning, seemingly designed to divert the well-meaning energy and attention of Donald Trump supporters from gainful political activity into lies and fantasies. Around late 2017, the focus of conversation in the MAGA movement was partially diverted from discussions about actual government policy to a series of personality-based reality show distractions. Whether Q merely filled the void created by Big Tech censorship(before becoming a target of it in its own right) or was implemented as a false flag by malicious actors isn’t entirely clear, but it’s well past time for the American Right to put the dramatic lie in the rearview mirror.

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