NEW: Dozens of Bodies Uncovered in Mexican Cartel Mass Graves

Breitbart News reports that after an extensive investigation of a drug house in the Mexican state of Jalisco, Mexican authorities found a mass grave of 50 bodies in one property.

In the past month, Jalisco authorities reported on the discovery of 81 bodies on two ranches, which led to the arrest of 15 gunmen connected to the ongoing cartel violence in the region.

The case had its origins in early November when Mexican law enforcement stormed a warehouse in the town of San Pedro Tlaquepaque and apprehended 15 gunmen, according to a report from Milenio. Statements from the suspects helped authorities find the location of three properties of which cartel gunmen had been using to get rid of bodies.

On November 22, 2019, authorities started searching the second warehouse in the El Mirador neighborhood in the city of Tlajomulco. Teams of forensic researchers uncovered a total of 50 bodies that cartel members buried in that property. At first, authorities could not determine the genders of the victims.

The first warehouse, located in the El Zapote neighborhood, was searched by authorities for several days. The search efforts finished in late November. In that period, officials found a total of 31 bodies. Mexico’s Milenio reported that the total number of victims were six women and 25 men. Investigators also found the location of a third property; however, a thorough search of that property has still not been carried out.

The 81 bodies found in these secretive graves in the state of Jalisco takes place in a time when other criminal syndicates are attempting to wrest control of the region from Mexico’s Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion. Breitbart Texas reported, that the current turf war has led to other discoveries of multiple mass graves and other clandestine sites where cartel members buried the remains of dozens of victims.

Mexico is clearly a failed state and highlights how important it is for the U.S. to shore up its immigration system and border security apparatus.

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