New Evidence Shows a Ukrainian Missile is Likely to Blame for Poland Strike Widely Blamed on Russians

News rang out with hysteria earlier today, November 15, 2022 as an explosion struck the small Polish village of Przewodów near the border with Ukraine. Of course, initial reports from the mainstream media immediately jumped to the conclusion that these missiles were Russian. A Russian strike on Poland, a member of NATO, could lead to Poland triggering Article 5 and dragging the United States into World War III. But was the missile Russian? The evidence says no.

By inspecting pieces from the debris site, the missile appears to be a 5V55 missile fired from an S-300 missile system. Being a Soviet-made weapons system, the S-300 is employed by both the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Boasting a maximum effective range of 90 kilometers or 56 miles, the 5v55 is effective at conducting battlefield missile strikes, acting in a way similarly more precise long-range artillery.

However, 90 kilometers is a very short distance in the grand scheme of the world, especially considering Poland isn’t anywhere near the eastern Ukrainian front. Poland also only shares a border with Russia to the north in the form of the small exclave known as Kaliningrad, which Russia annexed from Germany following WWII. But the village of Przewodów isn’t even close to Kaliningrad, and it’s even further away from the Russo-Ukrainian front. The only other country within a 90km radius of the village is Ukraine, notably western Ukraine and the area around the city of Lviv. We have provided a graphic with the maximum effective range of the missile in the image below:

Clearly, the missile wasn’t fired from Russia, Donbass, or Russian-annexed Crimea. The Russian government has denounced the strike, claiming the missile wasn’t theirs, nor would they have any motivation to strike Ukraine. The only plausible party responsible for the firing of the 5V55 missile strike on Poland would be Ukraine.

If true, this certainly wouldn’t be the first instance of Ukraine and their lapdogs in the western media claiming Ukrainian atrocities as Russian. Big League Politics previously reported at the beginning of the conflict that a Ukrainian anti-aircraft vehicle ran over an elderly man, which American media immediately distorted and used to fuel war propaganda against Putin’s Special Military Operation.

Even the President of Poland is admitting they have no definite evidence of who conducted the missile strike. Obviously if there was any evidence whatsoever that the missile was Russian, the Poles would be parading it around and eager for war.

Our condolences go out to those who were killed in the strike, and we hope peace can resolve in their memory.

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