New Gillette Ad Features Father Teaching Transgender Son to Shave

Gillette’s latest advertisement leaves no doubt that the shaving company plans to double down on its marketing strategy of aggressive progressive virtue signaling, despite receiving an intense backlash after its last ad that sought to lecture men over their personal behavior. –

The company’s latest ad, called “My First Shave,” features a female-to-male transgender named Samson shaving for the first time. Samson, who is possibly a minor, is assisted by his father in learning how to shave.

Individuals who struggle with confusion towards their gender identity deserve compassion, and they certainly don’t need to be made into a marketing tool for large corporations to score woke points with progressive activists. Studies have indicated that more than 63% of minors who embrace an alternate gender identity will switch back to their biological gender when older.

Promoting transgenderism to young people is likely to have serious consequences, as it could motivate individuals to undergo life-changing medical procedures ranging from hormone treatment to gender reassignment surgery.

Gillette’s new ad will likely be seen by its overwhelmingly male and heterosexual customer base as yet another attempt to market social justice propaganda. The company is already on thin ice with its consumers, and its parent company Proctor and Gamble tried to clamp down on the company’s unorthodox and widely unpopular marketing tactics.

The company’s original virtue-signaling and anti-male advertisement, “The Best Men Can Be,” has received more than 1.4 million dislikes on YouTube, making it one of the most disliked videos to be uploaded onto the streaming platform.

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