New Group Formed To Bring Latinos Home To Trump’s Republican Party

Omar Navarro, the Republican challenging Rep. Maxine Waters for Congress, has started a new group with the goal of reaching out to conservatives to “bring them home” to President Donald Trump’s Republican Party.

The group, called United Latino Foundation, was announced on his Twitter page earlier this week.

Navarro, a Latino native of Inglewood, California, describes how he believes it is the policies of Democrat politicians like Rep. Waters who are holding back low-income, largely minority communities. He believes that with the right outreach, he can prove this to other Latinos, and create a cultural revolution.

“I support our President, and started United Latino Foundation to bring back truth and common sense to wake Latinos up from the oppressive rule which has their communities taking handouts instead of embracing hard work,” Navarro told Big League Politics. “The Republican party is the party which will break them free from handouts, and towards prosperity.”

As outlined on the group’s website, the goals of the group are to engage in educational outreach, voter registration, and to lead voter election initiatives.

Navarro has a unique advantage in this effort, being from a lower income part of California, he understands the struggles in those communities.

Also, being fluent in both Spanish and English, he is able to promote his ideas in a bi-lingual way, as he recently did to support President Trump’s wall on Spanish speaking interview.


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