NEW HATE HOAX: Police Stop Investigation into Racist Notes Left on Car After ‘Victim’ Refuses to Cooperate

Texas A&M police have halted their investigation into an incident in which a man reported racist notes left on his car after the alleged victim stopped cooperating.

Police ultimately determined that no hate incident that ever occurred after reviewing surveillance video, suggesting that this is another hate hoax staged by a black power activist in order to demonize white people.

“Nobody has been arrested and we determined there was no offense committed,” said Lt. Bobby Richardson, who refused to elaborate on the findings. “Our investigation is closed.”

A media outlet has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to get the surveillance video and the police report, which may prove the hate hoax definitively.

Student Isaih Martin posted pictures of three racist notes allegedly left on his car to his social media account so he could play the victim, get attention, and advocate for policies to punish white people.

“All three signs were different signs, and one said ‘All lives matter’ and the other said ‘You don’t belong here’, and the other was very explicit, it said the n-word with a hard ‘r’,” said Martin.

“For them to tell me I don’t belong here, when I have earned my spot like everybody else here, and am working to get a degree like everyone else is, that was just kind of hurtful because if anything I deserve to be here just as much as anybody else,” Martin continued.

“Racism is here in college station and that problem needs to be addressed and brought up and needs to be fixed,” Martin added.

Texas A&M university administrators went along with the scam, of course, believing Martin’s story before it could be proven and offering a $1,200 bounty to find the racist note writer.

“To be an Aggie is to be a person of welcoming and accepting nature, and when I first came here on my first college tour here, everyone was so nice everyone was so welcoming,” said Martin. “I never would have thought that I would have experienced this here, going into my senior year. I have almost spent four years in college station and when I first got here, if I knew that, I would have never come to A&M.”

It is not likely that Martin will ever be prosecuted, or even implicated, for performing this apparent hate hoax. Until hate hoaxes are made into felony crimes, they will continue to persist by the rising black dominance movement as part their campaign to destroy America and Western Civilization.

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