New Hollywood Movie Features Liberal Elites Hunting Conservatives for Sport

An upcoming Universal Pictures movie is receiving scrutiny from its own publisher for its graphic depiction of political violence against conservative Americans.

The Hunt is about elite liberals kidnapping conservatives and paying to hunt them in a safari-style theme park in Europe. Watch the trailer here:

It is worth nothing that the movie’s trailer doesn’t exactly imply the film’s premise encourages violence against Trump supporters. The liberals paying to kill conservatives are depicted in a clearly villainous fashion, sipping champagne on private planes as their explain their desire to terrorize rural country bumpkins, who see they as less than human beings.

The conservative ‘prey’ in the movie speak with exaggerated southern accents and other stereotypes commonly utilized by the political left to tar right-leaning Americans. Some of them speak of being proud gun owners.

Betty Gilpin stars as a heroine who seeks to rally the other kidnapped “conservatives” in order to escape the twisted theme park.

The release of such a politically contentious movie is being debated at Universal Pictures, the film’s publisher. After the wake of the politically-charged violence seen at Dayton and El Paso, Texas, Universal is said to be reconsidering its promotional strategy for the movie. ESPN already refused to air an ad for ‘The Hunt’ earlier this summer.

‘The Hunt’ is still slated for release on September 27th, but it’s probably possible it will get delayed or even cancelled as this point. The latter possibility is less likely, as the film’s $18 million budget has already been spent.

It’s unclear what kind of reception the film will receive from the broader public. It’s already been a contentious project in Hollywood, where media elites are presumably less than thrilled to see liberal globalists depicted as callous murderers.



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