New Home In Rwanda For UK Illegals

U.K. Prime Minister, OGL 3 , via Wikimedia Commons

New Home In Rwanda For UK Illegals

On Thursday, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson revealed a deal with the African nation of Rwanda. The new policy will allow the U.K. to remove migrants who have illegally entered the country since January 1, as well as all illegals entering the country going forward, and transport them to Rwanda, where, as Johnson stated, they will be “given the opportunity to build a new life in that dynamic country supported by the funding we are providing.”

This move would be the fulfillment of a promise that Brexit originally offered voters. Johnson had then promised that the U.K. would “take back control of our laws, of our borders and of our cash.”

And today, it seems that he’s made a giant leap toward that end.

Under the new plan, illegal migrants in or on their way to the U.K., numbering in the “tens of thousands,” could soon find themselves in West Africa. 

New Home In Rwanda For UK Illegals-

In ignorant condemnation of Rwanda, opponents of the new policy have called the plan “inhumane.” These insensitive remarks about the African nation were not addressed by Johnson. 

One illegal migrant, Omar, who is critical of the new plan, spoke recently to the Guardian about the decision. He admitted to crossing the channel via “people-smugglers,” and highlighted the humanitarian concerns that come with allowing the continued flow of illegal migrants into the U.K., stating that “people gamble their lives when they cross the Channel.”

Explaining his reasons for taking part in the invasion, Omar said that, “I came to this country to save my life.” And, according to Johnson, taxpayers will be helping him continue to learn and grow as he begins his new life in Rwanda.

Some — unnamed — human rights groups have suggested that this policy could set a precedent that leads other nations to export illegal immigrants from their borders to countries willing to accept them. This is based on data undisclosed by the unnamed “human rights groups” quoted by the New York Times.

The policy is an obvious deterrent strategy. By making clear that the U.K. will not accept illegal migrants into the country, illegal migration will naturally decline. Of course, it’s being turned into something that it’s not in the media, a group that seems to think that any cap on incoming migration, legal or illegal, is unethical.

Speaking on the new policy, Johnson said that this “innovative approach … made possible by our Brexit freedoms, will provide safe and legal routes for asylum while disrupting the business model of the gangs, because it means that economic migrants taking advantage of the asylum system will not get to stay in the U.K.”

In a statement that sounds all too familiar, the prime minister explained why his country has struggled with their immigration problem: “If our country is seen as a soft touch for illegal migration by some of our partners, it is precisely because we have such a formidable army of politically motivated lawyers who have, for years, made it their business to thwart removals and frustrate the government.”

He promised to do whatever is necessary to fight whatever legal challenges may come in order to deliver on his promise to take back control of the border.


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